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The Best Way To Scale Your IT
A per-user IT service can ensure your IT is just the right size for your business needs. The flexibility will allow you to have more time and money for concentrating on the parts of business that matter the most. Instead of being a burden, it will help drive success. With…
Four IT Services That Offer A Competitive Advantage
Any single IT system can benefit a business, but it’s when they all work together that their true power is realized. Ultimately, they empower people by reducing workload and increasing knowledge. When used together you can know exactly who your clients are and what they want. This knowledge can be…
CEOs Want The IT Car, Not The Engine
Itility is a service built on our own Best Practices. The whole IT infrastructure, from servers, firewalls, anti-virus, storage, internet connections to core switches and firewalls, we will build it the way they should have it, the way it should be. Packaged so a CEO can just turn the key…
DynaSis Opens Secondary Data Center in Phoenix for Redundancy and to Better Serve West Coast Clients
Roswell, Georgia – February 22, 2011 – DynaSis, Atlanta’s premier provider of IT services and support for small and medium businesses (SMBs), announced today the opening of a data center in Phoenix, Arizona. The data center will provide instant failover for clients with our HOT Disaster recovery service. Phoenix will…
VoIP Monitor Covers New DynaSis Partnership
We announced our new partnership with IP phone system provider Fonality and VoIP Monitor covered the story. Read full post here
Yahoo® News Covers DynaSis Keeping Clients up in the Snow Storm
Yahoo® News picked up our article: DynaSis' Hosted IT Solution Kept Interra's Atlanta Employees "Fully Functioning During Snow Storm." This article featured our client Interra and how we were able to keep their international business up and running when the rest of Atlanta was down. Read the full article here.
TAG – Technology Association of Georgia wishes DynaSis Happy Birthday
TAG published an article about ITility by DynaSis's 5th birthday. Here's to TAG and our next 5 birthdays! Read for story here.
Data Center Knowledge Features DynaSis in Their Company Roundup
Our new data center space at the 55 Marietta Street carrier hotel in downtown Atlanta was given mention by Data Center Knowledge. Read the full story
AOL Daily Finance picks up DynaSis and Suniva Agreement
DynaSis expands its managed IT support agreement with global solar cell manufacturer Suniva See full article here
Cloud Solves Platform Wars
With the rise of many different devices like iPhone and Android, Windows isn’t the only player in the game anymore. It’s cool to be a Mac and we get that at DynaSis. Using ITility by DynaSis cloud based services, we can now offer clients the support they need no matter…
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