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No one questions the importance of IT security these days, not with all the reports of small to mid-sized businesses suffering cyber intrusions resulting in loss of data, or customer data being stolen then used to hack into your clients’ personal accounts. The real question is how to implement advanced managed security measures for your company’s protection: do it on your own or engage a qualified managed IT service provider. The reality is that it would be next to impossible to accomplish on your own what the right service provider can provide for you. Contact us today so we can discuss how our managed security company in Atlanta, GA, can best protect your data, your employees, and your business.

AuthAnvil – Multifactor Password Authentication


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With AuthAnvil, you can:

  • Enable stronger access controls to ensure the identity of users
  • Reduce the number of passwords users need to remember without compromising security
  • Free up time to focus on more valuable tasks by managing all passwords centrally.

Simplified, highly secure, data breach protection

Password-related breaches are the leading cause of data loss. Protect your company data by ensuring that only authorized people are given secure access to sensitive applications and information, using Kaseya’s complete and integrated Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution.

AuthAnvil enables organizations to secure their most valuable asset – their data – by minimizing the risk of password-related security breaches, while also making password management easier and more efficient. It delivers secure, automated access with integrated single sign-on, password management, and multi-factor authentication.

“We like to have the latest and greatest technology, and I had already envisioned that the cloud was where we wanted to go. We had one nagging issue with one of the estimating packages, and DynaSis went above and beyond to figure it out. As far as we know, none of the products had ever been run in a cloud environment before, and DynaSis was able to make them work.”

Scott Britt (IT Manager, Classic Collision)

Unified Email Management (UEM)

Email is one of the most vulnerable touch points in most organizations, but not only do many firms lack reliable email continuity and archiving for compliance, eDiscovery subpoenas and other needs, but they also have not implemented email security measures to effectively thwart cyber-attacks.

To help prevent an email catastrophe in any business, DynaSis provides its Unified Email Management (UEM) solution, a secure email gateway that examines every email, stopping both known and emerging email-borne threats before they reach your network. UEM also protects your firm with enterprise-grade email encryption, archiving and continuity, paired with an always-on, cloud-based email security platform that delivers 100% anti-virus and 99% anti-spam blocking, with 0.0001% spam false positives. This solution works in concert with your existing email system and adds a great deal of important functionality.



Mobile Device Management

Remote Workplace: Keep Corporate Data Where It Belongs

In today’s environment, businesses must allow employees to use multiple types and brands of mobile devices to remotely access corporate email, data and even applications, all of which are hosted on a secure server. To be certain this is done without compromising security, the company, and not the user, must control what corporate information can be viewed and/or stored on the mobile device.

Our Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solution assures that no traces of remotely viewed corporate data remain accessible on the device after each working session ends. As an added safeguard, our remote “lock and wipe” service ensures devices can be rendered useless (and their data eliminated) if they are lost or stolen.

Without access to your data, could you service your clients? Could your sales team function?

Do you know how long it would take to regain access and restore normal operations? What if you could never recover your data? Or email? Or client contracts? Or financial information? Or intellectual property?

Data Backup, Continuity & Recovery

Data Backup, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions Customized to Your Budget, Business Needs, and Comfort Level

Ensuring that you can access both data and applications, no matter what, is an imperative for business success. At DynaSis, we offer a wide range of business continuity services to bring you peace of mind at a price you can afford, because we understand your tolerance for business disruption will vary based on your requirements and your budget.

We provide all the software, hardware and management needed to ensure your backups are performed automatically, successfully and with no involvement by your staff. We take a comprehensive snapshot of your entire system ensuring you can recover data—from a single email to an entire drive—easily, for any reason, in as little as 5 minutes.

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