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Case Studies

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Azure Active Directory
If you are looking to organize your company's information, you need an active directory program. Program software can manage your employees and their login details. Moreover, you can provide them access to various internal and external resources. There are cloud-based resources available for you to use for your company. The…
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VMware - Issues and Solutions
Avoid "VMware Nightmares" by Knowing Common Issues and Solutions Troubleshooting VMware issues is all about headache prevention. Many of the most common VMware issues and error messages are preventable if you have a good protocol for monitoring updates. Good VMware troubleshooting is actually proactive troubleshooting. Let's go line by line…
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Cisco Troubleshooting
Cisco troubleshooting follows many of the basic principles of any type of detective work. You need to be predictive, detect anomalies and source out why anomalies occurred. The easiest way through it for many admins is an analysis of the network's Layer 3 path. The goal here is to: Cross…
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Support for Office 2016 for Mac Is Over: What Should Your Next Step Be?
Support for Office 2016 for Mac ended in October of 2020. While this isn't breaking news, you may be trying to get caught up with updates and security if you're still running Office 2016 apps. While your 2016 apps will continue to function on your Mac, you could be at…
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Office 2010 Is No Longer Supported by Microsoft: Why You Need to Plan Your Upgrade Now 
Microsoft officially ended support for Office 2010 on Oct. 13 of 2020 without any extensions or extended security updates offered. This also covers Outlook 2010. While Office 2010 apps will continue to function, continuing to use the suite creates serious security vulnerabilities. Here's what to know now that Microsoft 2010…
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Case Study: Habitat for Humanity
The Challenge Over a decade ago, before Habitat for Humanity was working with DynaSis, they were having issues with their previous managed service provider. They were not receiving the response time that was needed for their IT issues. The communication and reporting that they expected was not happening. It was…
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Case Study: Center for the Visually Impaired
The Challenge Before working with DynaSis, the Center for the Visually Impaired was having issues with their Managed Service Provider. Their previous provider was reactive and not proactive. The Center for the Visually impaired felt that they were constantly putting out fires and patching things. They had no real idea…
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Case Study: Toland Mizell Molnar
The Challenge Before working with DynaSis, Toland Mizell Molnar was having issues regarding their data backups and equipment. They wanted to have their data backed up on an hourly basis and an equipment replacement schedule in place. They started their search for a Managed Service Provider to help them manage…
Case Study: Zac Brown Collective
The Challenge Zac Brown Collective, formerly known as Southern Ground, was experiencing a lack of attention and service to their complex IT environment from their previous Managed Service Provider. Harold Earls, President and COO of Zac Brown Collective, stated that they have a “super serve mentality”, and therefore they expect…
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Case Study: Communique
The Challenge Before working with DynaSis, Communiqué was working with another IT partner and didn’t feel like they had a relationship where they could ask for recommendations and guidance regarding IT policies and best practices. They weren’t confident that their hardware/software was being properly backed up and protected with the…
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