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Support for Office 2016 for Mac Is Over: What Should Your Next Step Be?

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Support for Office 2016 for Mac ended in October of 2020. While this isn't breaking news, you may be trying to get caught up with updates and security if you're still running Office 2016 apps. While your 2016 apps will continue to function on your Mac, you could be at risk. Take a look at the fast facts to know about Office 2016 for Mac being phased out.

 First, there's some good news. Office 2016 apps won't disappear from your Mac just because they are no longer supported. There's also no worry that any data will be lost. However, there's still a lot at stake by not jumping ship from this rapidly fading version. Those who continue to use Office 2016 for Mac need to understand that support and updates will no longer be provided. Here's the gist:

  • Microsoft Update no longer sends Office 2016 for Mac software updates.
  • Security updates aren't being given. This means that users aren't getting protection and alerts against viruses, spyware and harmful software.
  • Phone support and chat support are gone.
  • No support updates will be provided.
  • Most online "help" content for Office 2016 is being retired.

 Any business still using Office 2016 for Mac is vulnerable. Fortunately, it's effortless to upgrade to a newer version for a seamless transition that leaves you with smooth, secure operations. Microsoft is recommending an upgrade to Microsoft 365 for business users. Microsoft 365 offers access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other essential apps. In addition to computer and browser access, Microsoft 365 also offers a subscription option for Mac and PC access. 

 Moving beyond Office 2016 for Mac doesn't have to shake up the way you do everything. The DynaSis team can help you plan a undisruptive upgrade that ensures you're safe and supported every time you open your apps. The process starts with removing your existing Office 2016 for Mac license. Reach out today to move to a supported Microsoft version without hassles!


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