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Case Study: Toland Mizell Molnar

The Challenge

Before working with DynaSis, Toland Mizell Molnar was having issues regarding their data backups and equipment. They wanted to have their data backed up on an hourly basis and an equipment replacement schedule in place. They started their search for a Managed Service Provider to help them manage their IT issues.

After speaking with numerous Managed IT Support Providers; Chas Arnold, DynaSis's VP of Managed IT Services, provided the most comprehensive and detailed plan. Chas and the DynaSis team ran a Network and Security Assessment for Toland Mizell Molnar. The findings and recommendations were reviewed, and a plan was put into place. DynaSis provided Toland Mizell Molnar with a structured IT plan that made them feel comfortable and stay within their allocated budget.

The Solution

After choosing to work with DynaSis, Toland Mizell Molnar was assigned a Technical Account Manager who helped them create a strategic IT plan to handle the challenges they were facing.  This was a key component that helped them feel more informed and up to speed on what was going on.

“DynaSis builds great relationships and the project managers take the time to understand your business and how they can positively impact your day.” James Molnar, Managing Partner, Toland Mizell Molnar.

The consistent communication between DynaSis and Toland Mizell Molnar has helped to ensure that their IT processes flow seamlessly. Toland Mizell Molnar is now handling their IT in a proactive manner and experiencing less issues overall.

The Result

“DynaSis is a good Managed Service Provider to work with. With IT services, you don’t know what you need sometimes until it is too late but DynaSis helps avoid this with proactive planning,” said Molnar.  Toland Mizell Molnar appreciates the technical support from the help desk and the strong guidance the engineers provide. James enjoys working with his Technical Account Manager and feels that any problems they have can be taken care of in an effective and timely fashion.


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