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Case Study: Zac Brown Collective

The Challenge

Zac Brown Collective, formerly known as Southern Ground, was experiencing a lack of attention and service to their complex IT environment from their previous Managed Service Provider. Harold Earls, President and COO of Zac Brown Collective, stated that they have a “super serve mentality”, and therefore they expect the same in return. They were not receiving this on a consistent basis.

The Solution

Harold worked with DynaSis at his previous company before he was employed with Zac Brown Collective. Chas Arnold, VP of MIT Services, stayed in touch with Harold over the years after Harold switched companies and touched based often to see if he needed any help at his new roles.

When Chas heard that Harold was not happy with his current Managed Service Provider, he offered to have the DynaSis team run a Network & Cyber Security Assessment. The DynaSis team ran the Assessment and met with the Zac Brown Collective team to discuss all of their current IT pains and requirements.

The DynaSis team analyzed the results, reviewed the pain points and came up with a plan and recommendations for Zac Brown Collective. A detailed plan was put into place and solutions were designed to cover all of the specific requirements that Zac Brown Collective needed support for.

Harold said that he felt DynaSis was honest, transparent and detail oriented with their plan. With his past experience working with DynaSis and after reviewing the IT plan and recommendations they had in place, Harold knew that it was the right choice to move forward with selecting DynaSis as their Managed Service Provider.

“I had a great experience when I worked with the DynaSis team and Chas in the past at my previous company. After reviewing the plan that they put together for Zac Brown Collective, I had no doubt that their expertise and solutions were the right choice for us to move forward with,” said Harold.

The Result

DynaSis has been servicing Zac Brown Collective for multiple years and providing the level of “super serve mentality” that they were looking for. “Zac Brown Collective has a complex IT structure and DynaSis has done a great job at providing quality and consistent service to maintain their infrastructure,” said Harold Earls. “It is my experience that you get what you pay for and if you want the best you pay for the best and DynaSis fits that bill.”

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