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Office 2010 Is No Longer Supported by Microsoft: Why You Need to Plan Your Upgrade Now 

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Microsoft officially ended support for Office 2010 on Oct. 13 of 2020 without any extensions or extended security updates offered. This also covers Outlook 2010. While Office 2010 apps will continue to function, continuing to use the suite creates serious security vulnerabilities. Here's what to know now that Microsoft 2010 support has gone dark:

  • Software updates for Office 2010 won't be deployed through Microsoft Update.
  • No technical support, bug fixes or security updates are offered. This also means that alerts for detecting vulnerabilities will go unreported and undiscovered in the Microsoft support sphere.
  • Security updates that protect devices from viruses, spyware and malicious software are no longer dispatched.
  • Microsoft phone and chat support are "unplugged" for Office 2010.
  • Office 2010 online help content is gone.
  • Downloads of 2010 have been pulled from Microsoft's site.

 This is really Microsoft's way of saying that you’re on your own with Office 2010. There is no benefit to clinging to Office 2010 just because it's what your enterprise has been using for a decade. In fact, enterprises resisting the transition by sticking with a lifeless product are really only creating unnecessary risks and bottlenecks when upgrading to a newer version is so simple! Upgrading to a more recent Office version will offer access to the latest features, patches, and updates to improve both functionality and security. In addition to enjoying more accessible internal communication with your upgrade, it's going to be easier to collaborate with vendors and clients by getting on the same page.

 The recommendation from Microsoft for businesses and enterprises is to jump to Microsoft 365 for business users to get access to the latest Office versions. Jumping ship from the outdated, high-risk Office 2010 product doesn't have to be overwhelming! If you've been running on 2010, the difference will be like night and day once you get to a better version equipped for the workflow of today instead of the workflow of a decade ago! DynaSis can help you breeze through this software upgrade with customized settings to enhance usability and function for all network users.

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