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HelpDesk-Only Support Can Simplify Your IT Management

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Level 1 Help Desk Technicians

Slow tech support when you’ve got a computer or printer issue is rather frustrating. Your employee, and maybe a co-worker or two who are trying to help, have his/her productivity come to a grinding halt. Your employee is unhappy, and so are you, because it’s costing you money. Even if your company has a small full-time IT team, someone on that team, who could be spending time on truly important things like patches, updates, backups, etc., is spending time trying to figure out how to change Joe’s password.

This is the type of problem that should be handled on a help desk level, not by your IT administrator, but this is what happens when there are no alternatives to your high-level staff. These are events that should not fall on the shoulders of over-worked and stressed out IT admins.

They say don’t present a problem unless you have a solution. Here is ours:

Supplemental Help Desk Support (like that provided by DynaSis) and here’s why:

1: Your In-House IT team, even if it is a single person, should spend their time on keeping your mission-critical systems up and running at peak performance. Time spent fixing things that can be handled over the phone (and the vast majority of problems can) are counter-productive.

2: Increased Productivity: Our DynaSis Help Desk technicians have the experience and expertise to get your people back to work as quickly as possible. We have a full team of Level 1 technicians who can also rapidly escalate problems when necessary. No waiting for the IT admin who had a long list to get to…or went home for the day…or is on vacation!

3: Cost Effective: Our flat monthly fees are based on each company’s needs, without having to hire additional full-time staff.

4: Single Pont of Contact: No wondering who to call (or try to find). Every one of your employees will have the ability to call our help desk directly, or create tickets, so they can quickly get the help they need to get right back to work. BTW, Our help desk is available with live support 24 x 7 x 365 for those employees who like to work from home at odd hours, or are traveling in other times zones. (People sometimes ask: what do your overnight people do when they are not on the phone? Answer: they are monitoring, managing and maintaining the IT infrastructures of our clients that require full support, not just help desk.)

5: Brainpower: Technology today is so complex that it is impossible for anyone to know everything. By being part of the DynaSis team, our help desk technicians have access to our entire team of highly trained and experienced IT professionals. This is a tremendous asset to you, because no matter how terrific your IT administrator may be, even if he/she commands a team of two or three, there may be any number of things that they have not come across, or have not been trained in. Although you may be using only our help desk service, because we also provide full IT support for many companies here in Atlanta, we are fully knowledgeable in an extremely wide range of IT subjects.  Our people are constantly learning about the latest in technology and are equipped to use that knowledge for your support.

If you have been thinking about managed IT service, whether you are looking for help desk only, full support including Cloud solutions, or anything in between, give us a call at 678-373-0716.

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