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8 Fixes for Common PC Problems
When you’re the midst of work, nothing can be more irritating than running into a technical issue. It happens to everyone because computers are complicated, and very small issues can have reverberating effects. As a managed IT services provider, we see these problems daily, and we want to help you…
The Essential Elements of Co-Managed IT
For many IT departments, the thought of outsourcing IT is equivalent to job self-destruction. But the reality is far from it. Businesses all over are outsourcing the daily grind of technology to free up their internal IT teams, releasing them from the shackles of day-to-day technology issues for more innovative…
Signs That You Need Managed IT Services
There’s no question that outsourcing IT is where most businesses are going. For small businesses, having internal IT departments is too costly. For bigger companies, their internal IT teams are often dealing with too many day-to-day technical problems to be of use for larger technological strategies. It’s a hard game…
Security Assessment scaled
IT Security Assessments Can Protect You and Your Customers
Various studies have shown that the small businesses in general are not prepared to ward off cyber-attacks. In fact, a recent nationwide study showed that a full 78% were unprepared even though 60% of them had already suffered an attack. You don’t have to be Equifax, Uber or Home Depot…
4 Steps to Creating an Effective IT Strategy
Your IT strategy will differ from just about every other company – it will be completely unique to you. So if you’ve ever wondered how to actually craft a strategic IT plan or if you’re looking for a refresher on the subject, look no further. We’ve identified four critical steps…
network mobile
How to Apply ASM to Your IT Strategy
If you’re out of the loop on ASM, here’s a brief recap: it stands for Availability, Security, and Mobility. Previously, we’ve broken down what it is and how using it can help your business succeed. Take a step back and look at the sum of everything that’s IT-related in your…
Network Security: Ever More Complex, Ever More Necessary
The last thing you want is to have to call your clients and tell them that you have had a security breach that compromised their personal information, but this is happening with increased frequency. This is happening in spite the growth of highly sophisticated security methods and technologies and results…
Auto-Complete Passwords Can Be Risky
Have you been wondering how those companies that place targeted ads or “helpful” suggestions find you? Well, you probably know that part of the answer comes from these companies, and social media sites you visit, collecting data on websites (and social media sites) you visit, then use this information to…
How ASM Helps Your Business Succeed
It’s been 25 rewarding years since DynaSis started helping businesses succeed through their technology. In all that time, we’ve searched diligently for a way to simplify and improve how companies look at their IT as a whole. While most business owners don’t actually care about how the behind-the-scenes technology works,…
digital transformaton
Starting Your Company’s Digital Transformation
  Over the past two years, we have been speaking and writing a lot about digital transformation and how it can be a game-changer in what has become a truly digital world. (Think Uber, Netflix, Amazon and a ton of smaller companies). It’s truly revolutionary and since your business is…
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