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millennial employees managed it services
Attract Millennial Employees with Managed IT Services
According to the World Economic Forum, millennials will make up 75% of our nation’s workforce by 2025. That statistic is important everywhere in the country, but in places like metro Atlanta, it becomes particularly important with our very low unemployment rate for technical and other highly skilled workers. Add to…
diaster recovery part 5
What Every Small Business Needs to Know About Disaster Recovery – Part 5
For the past few weeks, we have taken a look at disaster planning and recovery and this week, to wrap things up, we are presenting a “checklist” of best practices for your consideration. Continuity of IT Services The value of daily continuity, the ability to recover quickly from minor outages,…
managed it support company disaster recovery part 4
What Every Small Business Needs to Know About Disaster Recovery – Part 4
Last week, in part 3 of this series, we took a look at creating a Business Impact Analysis to determine how much a serious data loss could cost your company, and how to determine how time – both in terms of how much data you could afford to lose and…
managed it services disaster recovery
What Every Small Business Needs to Know About Disaster Recovery – Part 3
Over the past couple of weeks, we have looked at disaster recovery from the perspective of RPO, RTO, and MTO. Then we took a look at creating a Business Impact Analysis. This week, let’s evaluate how “time” figures into your calculations of potential losses, how to determine how much time…
disaster recovery it companies
What Every Small Business Needs to Know About Disaster Recovery – Part 2
Last week we began our discussion on disaster recovery with a look at RPO (Recovery Point Objective), RTO (Recovery Time Objective), and MTO (Maximum Time Objective). This week we’re going to give you a little insight in how IT companies set these parameters. Of course, there is no magic bullet…
disaster recovery it support
What Every Small Business Needs to Know About Disaster Recovery – Part 1
There are many kinds of disasters that can compromise your IT network. Fire, flood, and tornadoes are just a few. These can all bring your network down and your business to a standstill. But cybercrime, including data loss and theft, can also prove disastrous without proper IT support. Recent surveys…
why hire outsourced it services
Why Hire Outsourced IT Services for Your SMB
If you are running a small to mid-sized business today, you are using technology, including desktop and laptop computers, communications devices, and software of all types. If you are like most businesses, your employees range from highly technologically proficient to barely comfortable. Security is also a major consideration as studies…
it companies data encryption
How IT Companies Use Data Encryption
Ever wonder what the “HTTP” or the “HTTPS” you see at the beginning of every website means? HTTP is the abbreviation for “hypertext transfer protocol” and describes the internet technology that enables the text you have been typing to be transferred to your recipient. When the letter “S” is added…
managed it services smbs fight cybercrime
Managed IT Services Help SMBs Fight Cyber-Crime
Until recently, managed IT services only included IT security as an add-on. Your IT support company would be responsible for installing and maintaining your network, including software updates, patches and fixes, and keeping your equipment running smoothly. IT security was often limited to the installation of a firewall and anti-virus…
phone system network support
Grow Your Business with the Right Phone System and Network Support
Many things in the business world have become commoditized, meaning that no matter which brand you buy, nor where you buy it from, they are all pretty much the same. Think about paper, pens, toner…even things like merchant services and banks. Often times, the only real difference is the price…
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