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Why You Need Our IT Support in Atlanta for Your Cloud Networking

You have no doubt been hearing about cloud networks over the past few years and understand that many businesses are searching for more and more ways to utilize this technology. As with most everything new that comes along, there are benefits and challenges. That said, you don’t want to be the company that fails to embrace new technology and find yourself being left behind. To do so you may find yourself virtually irrelevant when being considered by potential new customers or clients as they choose to partner with firms similar to yours, but that are more up-to-date in terms of network security, versatility, and speed to market. Here at DynaSis, having provided IT support in Atlanta for more than a quarter century, we can give you proper guidance in determining your best way forward.

One of the first decisions we will help you make is to determine the type of network in which you need to invest: public, private, or hybrid. A private cloud network is usually one that is owned by a large company and only serves that company, while public cloud networks are generally owned by major corporations and serve many companies of all sizes. There are also public clouds owned by very small companies, but we advise you to be very careful before engaging with this type of vendor as security may be a concern. Hybrid clouds, as the term implies, combines features of public and private. Which one to use is a determination in which we, as an IT support company in Atlanta, can give you guidance, but for the purpose of this blog, let’s take a quick look at the different deployment models.


IT Support for Private Cloud

In a private cloud computing model, a company uses its own proprietary architecture to run its own cloud servers within its own data center. This is what we call “single tenant architecture”. Your own hardware is used within your own premises and your IT team has direct control of the underlying infrastructure.


IT Support for Public Cloud

In this cloud computing model, a third party, generally a significantly sized company or major corporation, provides complete computing resources over the internet. Because the vendor is providing a complete service, the customer (your company) does not need on-premises server hardware. This is what we call “multi-tenant” architecture. Costs can be variable with rapid adjustments made as business’s computing requirements change.


IT Support for Hybrid Cloud

This, of course, is a mixture of the above, combining some of the benefits of public and private.

Choosing between the different cloud models requires an in-depth look at your current infrastructure. DynaSis provides a complementary IT network and security assessment. During the assessment a highly experienced Solutions Architect and staff will analyze your network for capacity, security, speed, flexibility, and how up-to-date all your equipment is in terms of technical support and expected life.

If you choose, we will then provide you with cost estimates that may include new equipment that can be financed in such a way that your upgraded service and equipment actually costs the same or even less than your current costs. Because we assume the financial risk of the new equipment, we have the incentive to make sure it is always running at peak performance. This is truly a win-win situation.


Want to learn more about our IT support in Atlanta? Give us a call today at 770-629-9615 or contact us online. And remember, we are DynaSis: The Right Choice for Your IT Support!

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