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CEOs Want The IT Car, Not The Engine

A couple years ago, DynaSis was continually encountering preventable problems with maintaining some of our clients' unplanned, hodgepodge systems. We would maintain a network, but it would have some components that were old, faulty, or sub-par. As a solution, to prevent these predictable problems, we created a Best Practices framework. The framework outlined what it was to have a good, reliable, current IT infrastructure and it helped us illustrate what a properly configured system would look like.After creating this framework, we wanted to use it as an education tool for our clients and set out to present our first Best Practices workshop. Our presentation was over a hundred slides long. It had tons of detail and it took us four months to put it together.

Finally, we had the opportunity to present this content to CEO’s, CFO’s, COO’s, people that run businesses, telling them what to look at in their IT infrastructure. We talked about what they need to be worried about, security issues, and common mistakes. We asked, “Do you need to protect your systems from fires, floods and theft?” The whole nine yards of IT.

I learned a valuable lesson making these presentations: most of these folks didn't care about the details, nobody really wanted to know how the engine worked. They just wanted their car. CEOs just want to put in the key and drive. They want IT to work every time.

That experience is what inspired us to build our ITility by DynaSis service: a perfectly-engineered IT "car", ready to drive.

ITility by DynaSis is a service developed on our own Best Practices. The whole infrastructure from servers, firewalls, anti-virus, storage, internet connections to core switches and firewalls is built the way it should be and packaged so a CEO can just turn the key and know it will work.

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