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Myths About Managed IT Support

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We have the opportunity to speak an almost daily basis about why people are concerned about out-sourcing some or all of their IT support to a managed services provider (MSP). Sometimes it is as simple as concern over giving up control (truly not an issue), while other times they have clear, but misguided, notions about some aspect of managed support, and we are going to address some of those here:

Concern #1: Outsourcing is more expensive. While this was never really true, with the use of cloud computing it is even less so. Not that you need to be in the cloud for out-sourcing to be cost effective, but being in the cloud shifts a good part of your expense from capital to operational, which can help your bottom line. Additionally, competent managed it support companies have learned how to package their services so that clients can either choose full support, or select certain services.

Concern #2: Outsourcing will make us less secure. This is something we hear fairly often, and on a couple of fronts. First about the cloud: How can data that is stored in someone else’s facility be more secure than when stored in our own? It’s simple. The facilities that your data will be stored in have levels of security that no small to mid-sized business can match. Not even close. We’re not just talking about cyber-security, which has more to do with your IT support provider (we’re great at that, too) than with the storage facility, but your office cannot compete with a Tier 3 or 4 data facility that is weather proof, theft proof, fire proof, earthquake proof, has fail-over capabilities to remote cities, multiple internet channels, long-term generator capacity, etc.

If you do choose to keep your records in-house, still a viable option, your MSP will be better equipped to make sure that your equipment is functioning properly and the latest and greatest protections are in place. This includes cyber-security.

Concern #3: Service levels will suffer. After all, who will take better care of you than your own in-house people? Your managed IT service provider will. Is your team actually monitoring, managing and maintaining your IT infrastructure 24 / 7 / 365? Not likely. But the right MSP will do just that. Their goal is to find minor issues and fix them before they become major problems, and most of this type of work is done overnight and on weekends, so your workflow is not disturbed. They will also have a helpdesk team to deal with immediate situations, such as lost passwords, disconnected printers, etc. As an MSP, we are constantly running the most up-to-date diagnostics on our clients infrastructures and work-stations. And, very importantly, the right MSP will also have a team of experienced IT pros that have the diverse cumulative knowledge base needed to handle virtually any situation that may arise.

Concern #4: Outsourcing only works for large companies. Actually, the reverse is true. While outsourcing remains a great option for enterprise level companies, this is particularly true of the SMB, as there is no way that a small company can cost-effectively provide itself with the same level of service and security that it can get from a good managed IT service.  Companies like ours are tuned in daily to the major hardware and software manufacturers, as well as cyber-security experts. A small team, try as they might, simply does not have the resources to provide this on the same level.

At DynaSis, we have been providing this high level of care and service to Atlanta’s small to mid-sized business community for more than 25 years. Our full team of seasoned IT professionals is here to keep your company’s IT infrastructure safely and securely functioning at peak performance. Give us a call at 678-373-0716 or visit us at



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