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Compliance Revisited

Not too long ago we published a white paper on Compliance as a Competitive Advantage. In case you missed it, we wanted to mention it again, along with a number of webpages on the subject that we have recently published.

Here’s the thing: if you are in a business that is compliance-centric (finance, healthcare, chemical manufacturing, etc.), you are probably already well-aware of the rules and regulations affecting your industry and, hopefully, keeping everything up-to-date. But there are many other businesses that need to be compliant that haven’t taken the steps necessary to ensure that disaster doesn’t strike…or if it does, be prepared for a quick and seamless recovery. We recently published a series of web pages that address some of the topics and sub-topics of which you should be aware, and they are quick and easy reads.

Compliance: Getting Started. The first step is often both the easiest and the hardest. The information included here gives you a good road map for pulling the trigger. Read More.

Compliance: Data & Network Protection. Takes a look at the protections your company needs internally, including from disgruntles current and former employees, among the biggest threat today. Learn More.

Compliance & Cyber-Security. Every business today, especially small to mid-sized firms, are at risk. Companies that fail to provide adequate protection to their customers’/clients’ data are more and more being held liable for damages. Learn More.

Compliance & Disaster Recovery Planning. With the complexity of today’s cyber-crime industry (yes, it’s an industry), 100% protection is virtually impossible. Planning for rapid and seamless recovery is critical. Learn More.

Compliance & Disaster Recovery Execution. Planning is critical, but so is having the tools and expertise to execute the plan if and when it becomes necessary. Learn More.

Disaster & Recovery Planning & Execution as a Service (DRaaS). If you have the expertise on staff to plan and execute, that’s great. If not, you may want to consider engaging a managed IT support provider to ease the burden. Learn More.

Business Continuity. According to FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), 55% of small to mid-sized businesses that experience a major disaster never reopen, or close within a short time. The reason: lack of preparedness. This quick read gives you an overview of the part an experienced managed IT service company can provide. Read More.

DynaSis has been in the managed IT support business for more than a quarter century. If any of the above topics gives you cause for concern, give us a call. No obligation, no pressure. Just a friendly call during which we can start to explain the cost-effective support we can bring to your company. 678-373-0716.



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