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Disaster Recovery Planning

Rule One: Avoid disasters at all costs…

…but in our 25 years of service, we have seen it all. Fire, floods, hurricanes. We’ve seen server crashes, ransomware, and employee error.  We have also recovered countless files and helped businesses get up and running again, and we were able to accomplish this because of our thorough Disaster Recovery Planning.

Business on fire
Businesses are destroyed by fire everyday.
Business Tornado 1 768x512 1
Atlanta gets its share of hurricanes and tornadoes.
Water damage comes from many sources.

Consider this: 40% of businesses that suffer a major disaster close immediately and another 15% eventually go out of business. That’s a 55% failure rate…nothing to take lightly. So if you’re not thinking about the possibility of such a disaster, we are. That’s our job.

Burned Hard Drive 1024x640 1
This really happens! Be prepared!

At the end of the day, it’s all about recovery.

  • Data Retention – access to your data
  • Compliance – what are your compliance requirements for data recovery and protection?
  • Downtime Limits – how long can you be down without hurting your business?
  • Business Continuity – we can help you with so much more than IT – and there is a lot more to Business Continuity.

When your plan is agreed upon and set, we will take you through a practice run to make sure it is complete, and then we will schedule annual reviews to accommodate today’s ever-changing business environment.

After more than 25 years of working with Atlanta’s small to mid-sized companies, we understand the needs of your business.

We will work with you to:

  • Set security standards
  • Train employees (the #1 cause of security failures)
  • Protect your data, including intellectual property
  • Encrypt data, where advantageous
  • Use the latest and most effective tools to protect against all forms of malware, including ransomware
  • Generate easy to read and understand reports
  • Conduct Quarterly Business Reviews between your DynaSis Technical Account Manager and your team.
  • Discuss the relevance of cyber security insurance
  • Monitor, manage and maintain your entire IT infrastructure 24 x 7 x 354.

We offer a complimentary IT Network & Security Assessment so that you and we can begin an intelligent, productive conversation to determine your best immediate path forward, along with ongoing security goals. 

More information? Give us a call at 678-373-0716, or use the contact form.

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  • Paradigm
    “We would have tickets in for three or four issues, and I would get phone calls from four different technicians. With DynaSis, I have a single point of contact and a level of intimacy that I didn’t have with our previous provider.”

    James L. Herrin (President and COO, Paradigm Chemical)

  • Cifial
    “With our former provider, our personnel were incredibly frustrated – every week, somebody’s system was down. With DynaSis and the new equipment, everything is so much better and more efficient.”

    Galen Stump (General Manager, Cifial USA)

  • Logo-Whitaker-Oil
    “Now we take a preventative approach, instead of waiting for something to break.” DynaSis constantly monitors the operation of Whitaker’s systems, performing regular maintenance, executing backups and installing upgrades and patches proactively. “I’d rank their service very high. DynaSis has always done a very good job for us.”

    Ed Steinman (Executive Vice President, Whitaker Oil)

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