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Disaster Recovery Execution

Proper Recovery Planning leads to successful Recovery Execution.
When “stuff” happens, you can count on us to be there. A well thought out disaster plan is critical to resolving whatever difficulties you may be encountering, and as your partner, we will pull out all the stops to bring your system and your business back to full operation as soon as possible.

Cyber-criminals never sleep – at least their malware never does – so we have a full team of cyber security personnel at work 24 x 7 x 365, monitoring, managing and maintaining our clients’ IT infrastructures. We fix small issues before they become big problems, and apply patches and updates in real time, because you cannot be compliant if your IT network is not secure.

This is critically important because hackers also work in real time and are becoming increasingly more sophisticated at using automated malware to attack tens of thousands of companies every day. You may not be aware of it, but your company has likely been attacked thousands of times. Fortunately, most attacks don’t get through, but all it takes is one!

When you need us: With our 24 x 7 x 365 network operations center (NOC) team who monitor, manage and maintain our clients’ networks, along with our 24 x 7 x 365 helpdesk and field support, we can assemble a disaster recovery team almost instantly. We’ve done it before (many times) and we’ll do it again.

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We have been working with small to mid-sized business here in Atlanta for 25 years, and we know that you need the same comfort level and disaster response as the enterprise-sized firms that have their own large IT teams. You are our specialty. We are your partner.

More information? Give us a call at 678-373-0716, or use the contact form.

DynaSis Action Rapid Response Team (DARRT)

Our true 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring, managing and maintaining of your IT network is an important service we provide that is not generally available to small to mid-sized companies, but at DynaSis it is an integral part of our managed IT support  and a critical factor in our being able to quickly activate the DynaSis Action Rapid Response Team to bring our clients back to full speed.

This is a capability few other IT Support Providers can offer!

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DARRT is trained and prepared to:

  • Rapidly determine the cause of your problem and quickly assemble the team of experts you need to take corrective action
  • When appropriate, work with your IT and other vendors/suppliers, taking the burden if you and your staff
  • Tight coordination with the people on your in-house team assigned to work with us
  • In most cases, we can actually uncover the cause of the problem and quickly fix it right from our office, often even before you are aware of it.
  • Rapidly deploy when you need us on-site, or at a temporary site
  • Install temporary equipment quickly to you up and running.
  • Make rapid adjustments as needed.
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If you want more information, we suggest these recent DynaSis White Papers:
  • Paradigm
    “We would have tickets in for three or four issues, and I would get phone calls from four different technicians. With DynaSis, I have a single point of contact and a level of intimacy that I didn’t have with our previous provider.”

    James L. Herrin (President and COO, Paradigm Chemical)

  • Cifial
    “With our former provider, our personnel were incredibly frustrated – every week, somebody’s system was down. With DynaSis and the new equipment, everything is so much better and more efficient.”

    Galen Stump (General Manager, Cifial USA)

  • Logo-Whitaker-Oil
    “Now we take a preventative approach, instead of waiting for something to break.” DynaSis constantly monitors the operation of Whitaker’s systems, performing regular maintenance, executing backups and installing upgrades and patches proactively. “I’d rank their service very high. DynaSis has always done a very good job for us.”

    Ed Steinman (Executive Vice President, Whitaker Oil)

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