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Compliance: Getting started doesn’t have to be painful.

Neither does keeping SEC – FINRA – HIPAA – PCI and the rest up-to-date

No, it doesn’t have to be painful, but you need to ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you review your internal policies on a regular basis?
  • Are your interactions with your customers/clients and the data they entrust you with secure?
  • Are your internal user permissions carefully controlled so that data is only available to those with need to access?
  • Are you controlling employee owned devices or may there be vulnerabilities and/or confidential data residing where it doesn’t belong?
  • Who manages your IT infrastructure and are you fully confident that it is secure?
  • Are you performing regular audits internally and do you have documentation of formal audits?

Whether you are dealing with compliance issues for the first time, or need a partner to help make sure everything is still on target as your compliance requirements grow, DynaSis has the experience and expertise you need. With more than 25 years on the job, we’ve been there, done that! We work with clients on achieving compliance under many government and industry standards, including:

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You may be new to compliance, but we’re not. We’ve jumped through the hoops, maneuvered past roadblocks and we understand the ins and outs of preparedness so we will have you ready when you need to be. SEC – FINRA – HIPAA – PCI…and the rest. You will be prepared.

More information? Give us a call at 678-373-0716, or use the contact form.

Compliance is a moving target, always changing, always evolving. Regulations are added; regulations are dropped. You don’t want to pay for compliance that has become obsolete, but you also don’t want to be caught not complying with new regs you didn’t realize even existed. Are you running behind and need to play catch up? That’s why we’re here.

Here is how we work with you:

  • Our team will consult with you to understand where you are in terms of compliance, and where you need to be.
  • We provide managed IT support that is fully documented and compliant.
  • Our team will assist in completion of in-depth forms and attestation letters.
  • We provide full support to your audit team.
  • On occasion, and depending on the circumstances, we call in outside expertise so that our analysis is complete.

One more thing: just because your company is “technically compliant” doesn’t mean that your cyber-security protection is fully up-to-date. When we speak, and we should, ask us about our Managed and Co-Managed IT Support. We monitor, manage and maintain your IT network to OUR high standards, often more stringent than what may be outdated compliance standards.

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If you want more information, we suggest these recent DynaSis White Papers:

  • Paradigm
    “We would have tickets in for three or four issues, and I would get phone calls from four different technicians. With DynaSis, I have a single point of contact and a level of intimacy that I didn’t have with our previous provider.”

    James L. Herrin (President and COO, Paradigm Chemical)

  • Cifial
    “With our former provider, our personnel were incredibly frustrated – every week, somebody’s system was down. With DynaSis and the new equipment, everything is so much better and more efficient.”

    Galen Stump (General Manager, Cifial USA)

  • Logo-Whitaker-Oil
    “Now we take a preventative approach, instead of waiting for something to break.” DynaSis constantly monitors the operation of Whitaker’s systems, performing regular maintenance, executing backups and installing upgrades and patches proactively. “I’d rank their service very high. DynaSis has always done a very good job for us.”

    Ed Steinman (Executive Vice President, Whitaker Oil)

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