Business Continuity Planning – More Than Just I.T.

Assuring your business survives a major disaster can be a complex process with many moving parts. Your Managed IT support company must be up to the task and integrally involved.

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DynaSis is an experienced and accomplished IT support company and our DynaSis Action Rapid Response Team (DARRT) is ready to handle any IT emergency…but many emergencies involve way more than just IT. A server crash, or ransomware attack is one thing, but a major fire, flood or tornado, just to mention a few, is quite another.

Fully protecting your business requires input from many resources. We’ll take care of IT planning and execution, including equipment, network, connectivity, etc., and will coordinate with your in-house and outside professionals on creating a full Business Continuity program, then, if necessary, assist in coordinating recovery efforts, including:

  • Insurance
  • Lenders / Investors
  • CPAs
  • Attorneys
  • Public Relations
  • Telecommunications
  • HR
  • Equipment Vendors (IT and others)

In the event of a major disaster, we will be there immediately to help you reconnect to IT, your customers, and the world. We will coordinate with all the necessary professionals and vendors for a successful transition back to normal everyday operations.

According to FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) 55% of small to mid-sized businesses that experience a major disaster never reopen, or  close within a short time. 55% of business fail after a major disaster. The reason: lack of preparedness:  How would you answer these questions?

  • Where will your people work?
  • Will your website be up and running?
  • Can customers get through to you? Who will answer your phones?
  • Will customers/clients find alternate resources, and never come back to you?
  • Will local press report on your disaster, then fail to notice your recovery?
  • Will you have the cash/credit for rebuilding?
  • Will your insurance cover your losses?
  • Will key employees take other jobs?

More information? Give us a call at 678-373-0716, or use the contact form.

The experienced professionals at DynaSis will coordinate the team effort to create a viable and effective Business Continuity Plan for your business.

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  • Paradigm“We would have tickets in for three or four issues, and I would get phone calls from four different technicians. With DynaSis, I have a single point of contact and a level of intimacy that I didn’t have with our previous provider.”

     James L. Herrin (President and COO, Paradigm Chemical)

  • Cifial“With our former provider, our personnel were incredibly frustrated – every week, somebody’s system was down. With DynaSis and the new equipment, everything is so much better and more efficient.”

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  • Logo Whitaker Oil“Now we take a preventative approach, instead of waiting for something to break.” DynaSis constantly monitors the operation of Whitaker’s systems, performing regular maintenance, executing backups and installing upgrades and patches proactively. “I’d rank their service very high. DynaSis has always done a very good job for us.”

    Ed Steinman (Executive Vice President, Whitaker Oil)

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