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The DynaSis Business Cloud

A quick overview gives us a lot of compelling reasons why businesses should move to the cloud:

  • Fully scalable, up or down, anytime on short notice
  • Technology infrastructure is decreased, costs are decreased
  • 100% mobility
  • Reduced capital costs
  • Minimized training
  • Eliminate your software licensing expenses
  • Your technology is disaster-proofed
  • Software updates happen automatically

But what does all this really mean?

At DynaSis, we have always looked at three primary criteria of any truly successful IT network:

Criteria #1: Availability –Seems obvious, right? If your IT network isn’t available, you’ve got a problem. This is especially true when you consider that according to current industry statistics, 71% of people now work at least part-time out of the office – home, on the road, in hotels, clients’ offices, etc. If they can’t get to their data, they are behind the 8 balls and you are losing productivity and money. And if you run online sales, when your network is down, your store is closed.

Not very long ago, 99.9% uptime was the acceptable standard in the IT industry. Not anymore. 99.9% uptime still means your down for more than a full business day. At DynaSis, our standards are 99.999% uptime, which comes to about 5 minutes a year. That allows for:

  • Maximum sales
  • Maximum productivity
  • Minimal disruption
  • Maximum profitability

Criteria #2: Security–You have valuable assets stored in your computer system. Customer and employee information; trade secrets; financial information; production records; etc., etc., etc. In this world of ever-increasing connectivity, and with cyber-criminals getting smarter every day, you need to make sure your data is protected from loss, corruption, theft, and malicious encryption (ransomware). For the average small to mid-sized business to accomplish the level of security that you need today, to do this on-site can be daunting in terms of technology, expertise, and cost. Large businesses are almost exclusively going to the cloud and more and smaller firms are, as well.

Yet today, the number one reason for not using the cloud are concerns about security. Many smaller organizations feel safer when their data is stored in-house, although, n reality, it is usually a much more dangerous way to go. Well-managed cloud service providers are the safest way to go.

Criteria #3: Mobility – We mentioned above in the “Availability” section how your employees are on the move. Availability is a critical factor in mobility, but mobility itself is important enough to warrant its own space. A recent survey by Dell Computers showed that more 2/3s of businesses saw significant increases in employee productivity and customer satisfaction when these companies instituted BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices to work) policies. Millennials have shown in well-documented studies that they are less likely to work for companies that do not allow them to use their own devices.

Competitiveness often requires that people are at least minimally available at odd times. Not having data available through the cloud can really disrupt sales and other departments. Yes, a company can set up its own VPN (virtual private network), but a VPN, to function properly, should have 24/7 monitoring and support.

Why the DynaSis Business Cloud

DynaSis has been helping small to mid-sized companies in Metro Atlanta with managed IT support for a quarter century. If you would like to learn more about how we can safely and effectively move you to the DynaSis Business Cloud, call us today at 678-373-0716.

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