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Recap of Recent Blogposts Worth Reviewing


If you follow our weekly DynaSis blogs, you know that we regularly put out some very important information. As much as we would like to believe that you eagerly await each Tuesday’s post, read every one, and even save many of them, realistically speaking, in today’s impossibly busy work environment, we know that’s just not true. Consequently, we have decided to recap some of those from the past year that we believe can be most helpful to you, and give you links to the full posts.

Cloud Back-up for Business Speed & Efficiency

Mobility and efficiency have been given much greater emphasis by businesses over the past ten years, all made possible by the tremendous advances we have seen in technology. Employees can now remain fully connected to their offices and peers while they are on the road. This post will help bring you up to date on how these technologies can make your business more mobile, and will also let you know how cloud technology can protect your business from data loss, corruption and theft while your people are traveling or working from home. See the full post here.

Solving Major Problems Before They Become Major Ones

This addresses a partial list of problems that may erupt, including your network going down and along with it your email, phones, and internet; printers and other devices not working; computers freezing; slow performance; corrupted files; recurring viruses; and so much more. The basic concept of solving these minor problems before they become major ones has long been one of our major driving principles and in this post, we discuss why. See the full post here.

Making Technology Work for Your Company

We always say that “today every company is a technology company” and we find that becomes more true with every passing year. Technology is great in so many ways, but when it moves so quickly, it can be very hard to keep up. In this blogpost, we look at how managed IT support companies in Atlanta, like DynaSis, can keep you up to speed on the latest developments for both business productivity and cyber security. See the full post here.

Myths About Managed IT Support Managed IT support (or managed IT service) means outsourcing some or all of your IT support to a third part provider. For some business executives, this seems a bit scary, like you are giving up important control. In this blog post we address concerns such as: “Outsourcing is more expensive (it’s not)”, “Outsourcing will make us less secure (not true)”, “Service levels will suffer (the opposite is true)”, “Outsourcing only works for large companies (it’s best for small to mid-sized firms)”, etc. This post is a great way to begin a conversation with us that can lead to a complimentary IT service and security assessment so you can better understand where your IT network is today, and where it can be in the future. See the full post here.

VoIP Training for Non-Technical Employees

This blogpost addresses modern VoIP telephone systems from two perspectives: first, most end-users (your employees) are unaware of most of the great features that modern phone systems provide. For some, productivity and efficiency can be significantly improved, and boredom and fatigue reduced, when they become more familiar. On another level, employee failure is still the leading cause of cyber security problems and this post also discusses how employee training can have a positive effect. See the full post here.

Speeding Up Slow Running PCs.

This is a problem we hear about fairly often, and one that can be prevented and/or fixed. In this post we explain how pre-installed software and bloated registry files, among other things, can cause slowdowns, and how this “clutter” can be eliminated. We also discuss the importance of installing software manufacturer updates on a regular basis. See the full post here.


We hope this “reboot” of some of our recent posts is helpful. And remember, at DynaSis we have been working with small to mid-sized businesses in Atlanta for more than a quarter century and would love to begin a no-obligation conversation and IT network and security assessment with you, so give us a call at 678-373-0716.



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