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More Myths About Business Cloud Computing & Why Choosing the Right IT Service is Important

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Cloud computing can move a business forward.

Last week we began a discussion of myths surrounding business cloud computing. Here is a quick recap of the ones we tackled:

1: Data can’t be all that safe in a “cloud” – not true.

2: We lose control of our data in the Cloud – not true.

3: If I move to the Cloud it means that everything has to be in the cloud – not true.

If you missed last week’s blog, you can find it HERE. There are a number of other myths surrounding business cloud computing that we want to address, so let’s pick it up again:

4: Cloud computing is only for tech companies. First of all, the way we see it, today every company is a technology company. Are you using computers? Do you have email? Do you shop or do research online? Chances are you answered “yes” to every one of these question so, yes, you should be looking at cloud computing.

5: The cloud is harmful to the environment. Some people think this is so because large data centers use a lot of energy. They do. But when you add up all the energy saved by the companies that use the data center, there is actually a net energy savings and pollution reduction.

6: The cloud costs jobs. The fact is, the cloud has created jobs. Estimates are that by the end of 2015, the cloud was responsible for creating more than 13,000,000 jobs across the globe. Some jobs were lost along the way, but many more were created. But computerization in the cloud, and in general, has been responsible for such an exponential increase in productivity that the net effect has been extremely positive for almost every business.

7: Migrating to the cloud is just too much trouble. That depends on who is doing the migration for you. The right IT service provider can make the process virtually painless and with minimal downtime.

8: You should avoid the cloud for highly important applications. Again, this goes to unfounded fear of the cloud and whether or not it is truly safe. In reality, your mission critical apps are best run in the cloud, where they will also benefit from minimized downtime and automatic backups.

9: I’ll be locked in to my cloud vendor. Not true. A knowledgeable and reliable managed IT service provider or skilled in-house IT manager can get you quickly and safely up and running in the cloud, and, if the need arises, transfer your files and applications to another.

10: The cloud is for large companies – smaller companies aren’t moving there. Today, companies of every size are moving to the Cloud. Why? 94% of IT managers report that their tech security is better in the cloud. 75% of SMBs using the cloud reported better availability. 91% of companies that have significant compliance requirements use the cloud to satisfy them.

11: The cloud is best for everything in every business. Every company is unique and every company’s needs are different. We work with many great firms that keep all their data on-premises, many that are fully in the cloud, and others that are using a hybrid infrastructure that combine both on-premises and cloud. The goal of a managed IT support company should always be to find the very best solution on a client-by-client basis, and at DynaSis, we have been doing just that for Atlanta small to mid-sized businesses for 25 years. If you would like to learn more about our DynaSis Business Cloud services, click HERE.

We provide complimentary IT Assessments to determine the best course of action in implementing business cloud computing, in whole or in part, at once or over time, based on your needs, comfort level and budget. We can be reached at or 678.373.0716.

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