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Advantages of a Professional Outsourced (USA-Based) IT Help Desk Team

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Being unable to receive technical support when they need it is not only frustrating to your employees, it hurts your business. Your sales people can’t sell, your customer service team cannot provide the assistance your customers need, and the security of your I.T. infrastructure may be at risk.

Your onsite IT administrator can be pulled in a variety of directions including addressing mundane, routine computer and network issues instead of focusing on the bigger picture. The answer: you may be better off using a managed IT service provider to take over you IT Helpdesk chores. Here are some of the reasons:

Benefits of an Outsourced IT Helpdesk Team

1: It can save you money. Lost sales, disgruntled customers/clients…these cost you money, as do unhappy employees. This is particularly true if your client base covers more than a single time zone so that you have people working outside of the typical 9 to 6 time frame.

2: Increased productivity: a good managed IT service provider will have well-trained helpdesk personnel who can quickly resolve the vast majority of issues. They should also have the resources to escalate problems they cannot complete within a short period of time.

3: Fixed monthly fees. A managed IT helpdesk provider can also save you money on fees. Instead of paying for an in-house support team, or bringing in an expensive “break and fix” repair company for each problem, you effectively share this expense with a number of other companies who are using the same service.

4: Frees your IT executive or administrator to focus at improving your IT processes and high level support while the helpdesk team can put out the day-to-day “fires.”

5: Easy contact – single point of contact – always there. No one is always in the office. Your IT admin takes days off, even weeks, has business away from the office, and has days he comes in late or leaves early. Conversely, your outsourced IT helpdesk team is always there, 24 x 7, and can be found at the other end of the line by calling the same phone number anytime.

6: Wider range of expertise. The Information Technology field is so wide-ranging, complex and diverse today that no one person, or small team of people, can possibly have the answers to all the situations that arise. A good IT provider will not only have the helpdesk team, but also a cadre of highly trained IT executives who can provide technical support and advice in a broad range of situations.

Technology today is always changing and always challenging. Choosing the right helpdesk service can make your workplace a more enjoyable place to be, taking the burden off your IT admin, and reducing stress for all your employees.

DynaSis has been providing helpdesk support to Atlanta’s small to midsized business community for a quarter century. The company’s team of 55 professionals, including more than 30 engineers, also provides full design and installation service, along with remote 24 x 7 monitoring and managing of IT infrastructure. DynaSis provides full cloud service, along with traditional onsite solutions, and hybrid systems to match any business’s needs.

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