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Specializing in IT support for businesses since 1992.
Business technology drives transformation, productivity, and operations by offering applications and systems that drive the effective decision-making that grows and develops your competitive advantage. Any technology initiative not linked to specific business goals risks failing to reach its full potential. We provide the strategic expertise that ensures your technology delivers on its promise.

We do the heavy lifting and provide our clients with world-class insights that generate tangible and measurable impact.

We understand and develop practical business solutions in terms of human capital, strategy, operations, and technology, then implement the ideas we present. Our clients expect excellent performance drawn upon our 25+ years of industry and service experience.
We deliver that performance.
DynaSis: The Right Choice for Your IT Support
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Installation Services

Servers, Storage & Virtualization
DynaSis has been installing servers since 1993. We have the expertise to install standalone, rack mount, or blades servers. DynaSis can design and deploy server virtualization to lower cost and increase uptime. Add on a storage area network (SAN) and we can leverage high availability and business continuity solutions to meet any business requirement.
Data Protection & Disaster Recovery
What would happen to your business if days, months, or even years of data disappeared in a split second? DynaSis can design, implement, and manage a backup solution for your organization to ensure that your critical data is backed up regularly and in multiple locations so you are prepared if the unthinkable ever happens.
Voice Over IP
Now businesses can combine their data and voice networks, reducing costs and creating valuable efficiencies. Phone lines can be added or changed with a few mouse clicks. Voicemail and email can be stored on the same system, and long distance charges between remote locations will be eliminated. Remote or home office setup and mobility are greatly enhanced with our VoIP solutions.
In today’s business environment where everyone and everything connects to the network, you need a fast, secure, and reliable wireless infrastructure.  At DynaSis, we can design and implement Wi-Fi networks of any size, from one wireless access point (WAP) in a small office, to a larger environment with 40 or more. We understand the importance of wireless in your business.
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Your network not only connects your employees with your clients, vendors, and partners but also with each other. Whether wired, wireless, virtual, or otherwise, DynaSis is the best in the business when it comes to installing and configuring networks for optimal performance. We can design and build anything from server rooms to small data centers. We have years of experience and expertise in racks, cabling, switching, routing & load balancing, and more.
Thin Client
Desktop & Thin Client Computing
DynaSis can help you deploy and/or upgrade your company’s desktops, laptops, or thin clients. From the corporate office or satellite locations we can design and implement solutions that lower the overall cost of end user ownership. Let us show you how.
Let DynaSis keep your most prized business assets safe from both internal and external threats. We will perform a thorough analysis of your network, identify vulnerabilities, and resolve them using a variety of solutions including intrusion detection, VPN’s, firewalls, anti-virus, anti-malware, spam filtering, data redundancy, encryption, plus crypto prevention and containment.
Today, the world is our office. That’s why DynaSis provides a suite of mobile solutions that allow remote employees, traveling employees, or any employee to stay connected to the office no matter where they are. Company files, applications, and email are available safely in real time to mobile/remote employees anytime and anywhere they need it.

Unified Communications

You deserve more from your business phone system!
DynaSis is proud to offer FONALITY. For more than 10 years, FONALITY has built business phone solutions around real business needs. Knowing those needs change over time, FONALITY offers total flexibility with a choice of cloud VoIP packages, deployment models, and included upgrades no one else can match.

DynaSis Blue: A Business-Class File Sync & Share Solution

DynaSis Blue is a business-class file sync and share solution. Blue’s rich features go far beyond those of consumer-grade services, which put businesses at risk of data theft, data leakage, and data corruption. DynaSis Blue is flexible enough to match any client environment or use, with options for private or public deployments and rich security and control features.

How Blue Works

DynaSis Blue syncs corporate data between servers, workstations, laptops, mobile devices, and the cloud. Employees benefit from increased agility and productivity while on-the-go, while powerful security and control features help administrators keep corporate data secure, along with governing data access and data privacy. Find out how our cloud solutions for small to midsize businesses in Atlanta, GA, can help you.

If your data, your privacy and security, and employee productivity are important to you, let’s talk about moving your file sharing to the system built for business.

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Anywhere access. Fluid collaboration. Secure sharing. DynaSis Blue brings mobile productivity under control.

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