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Dynavault Backup & Disaster Recovery

DynaVault: Our hyper-secure backup technology.

BDR: Backup and Disaster Recovery. The main reason for performing routine backups is to recover from disasters. Small disasters, like the corruption of a few files, or major disaster, such as the encryption of your entire network and data caused by ransomware. Yes, it does happen.

The dangers are real but you can be protected

When considering  protecting your data  you will have to consider the following:

  1. your level of comfort
  2. the amount of data you can lose (RPO)
  3. how long your system can be down (RTO) without causing harm to your business
  4. your budget.

The more you invest in securing your data, the more you can be protected to the point where you lose no data at all and your system isn’t down for more than a few seconds or minutes.

First, a couple of definitions:

RPO: Recovery Point Objective– the maximum targeted period in which data might be lost from an IT service due to a major incident. For example, you may determine that, based on cost, you can afford to lose days worth of data. That would make your RPO 24 hours. This might apply to a business that, if it lost data from its network, would still be able to identify this data from other sources and re-upload it. On the other hand, a hospital’s medical records probably need to be 100% up-to-date.

RTO: Recovery Time Objective– How long can you afford to be without the compromised data? A few seconds, a few minutes, several hours, a day? If you’re an online store, for instance, any amount of downtime of its product database could be extremely costly.

RTO / RPO: these are business requirements that determine the types and cost of backup solutions. (If you want to learn more, we suggest our recent article: Understanding and Managing RTO / RPO.) This article will also take you on a deeper dive as to the type of back-ups available and the considerations of each.

As a managed IT support company in Atlanta, we have been protecting small to mid-sized companies like yours for more than 25 years. That experience and ongoing training of our staff give us the expertise to evaluate every IT product on the market and cut through the marketing hype, dig deep, and determine the best services for our clients.

For our DynaVault Backup and Disaster Recovery service, we have selected Veeam. Veeam is used by 75% of the Fortune 500 and boasts a customer satisfaction rating 3.5x higher than the industry average. Most importantly, at DynaSis we have a strong relationship with a high-level Veeam support team, just in case our dedicated backup team needs assistance.

Today’s data backups consist of many variables. The type of back-up (for example – in-house, cloud, tape, hybrid, etc.) how often, from daily to every few seconds, the recovery procedures and personnel that will be used if and when necessary, and, of course, the costs involved. As we said above, after more than a quarter century in the business, we have the technology and expertise to custom design a backup and disaster recovery system that fully meets your business requirements. Give us a call today at 678-373-0716.

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