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DynaSis Releases Technology Toolkit

December 28, 2009, Atlanta, GA—DynaSis today announced the release of their “Technology Toolkit”, a set of informational documents for businesses to assess their current IT versus their existing infrastructure. The toolkit will help small to medium sized businesses make a solid decision when considering an IT purchase.

The Technology Toolkit contains a technology self-assessment that allows businesses to score their IT in relation to best practice standards as well as an IT checklist of services an IT provider should offer. A total cost of IT calculator is also included so businesses can calculate the overall expenditure of their IT network over a three year period when compared to managing IT in-house or outsourcing daily IT functions to a managed service provider. Lastly, the toolkit provides SMBs a whitepaper on software as a service (SaaS) technology which details how businesses can leverage SaaS to decrease technology costs.

DynaSis Vice President Chas Arnold commented, “The Technology Toolkit gives businesses a chance to read all the information for themselves and make an informed decision about their technology. Making an IT purchase is an involved process, and many business owners or professionals don’t know what to look for when searching for a new solution. The Technology Tool Kit will give them a good starting point to evaluate a solution that is right for them.”

The documents in the kit have been compiled after years of working with professionals in the Atlanta metro area and contains answers to commonly asked questions regarding IT providers and IT purchases.

DynaSis President David Moorman said, “After 18 years in the SMB IT market we are confident the Tool Kit will be a value add to any company struggling with questions like: Should we host our IT? What should my provider be doing for me? Will managing my IT in-house or outsourcing be more cost effective? DynaSis will continue to work with professionals in the decision process, but now businesses will have answers to the basics at their fingertips.”

The Technology Toolkit is free to small and medium sized businesses and can be found by visiting

DynaSis is a managed IT service provider servicing small and medium sized businesses in the Atlanta area for over 17 years. DynaSis specializes in managed IT service plans, managed hosting and professional equipment installation. For more information about DynaSis visit

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