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DynaSis Reduces IT Complexity, Ends Licensing and Upgrade Headaches for Gardner Metal Systems

DynaSis, Atlanta’s premier provider of IT services and support for small and medium businesses (SMBs), today announced that it is transitioning Gardner Metal Systems, Inc. (GMS) to its innovative, hybrid on-premise and cloud-based IT solution, Ascend.

As part of the package, DynaSis has upgraded Gardner Metal Systems’ data servers and replaced the company’s Exchange server and its Microsoft office productivity software with the cloud-based solution, Microsoft Office 365. Under the terms of the arrangement, DynaSis will also upgrade or replace GMS’ equipment, as appropriate, for a fixed monthly fee.

“We had already had a major catastrophe with our server―a hard drive failure―and I didn’t want to deal with that again,” said Systems Manager Rodney D. Lester. “And, to upgrade our licenses of Office would have cost $400 per workstation, but with Office 365 we pay $15 per month, per seat.”

With Ascend, GMS will also enjoy complete IT monitoring, maintenance, support and Help Desk at no extra charge. “Previously, I was the IT guy, and if something happened to me there would be no one to understand what was going on,” said  Lester. “Now DynaSis is ‘the IT guy.’ If a server blows up or some other problem pops up, they pay to fix it.”

“So many SMBs find themselves in this position, with aging hardware and software that will cost a small fortune to upgrade and maintain,” said Chas Arnold, DynaSis' executive VP of Business Development. "With Ascend, we cover all the equipment acquisition costs as well any costs associated with keeping it operating in peak condition. Since we bear the cost of replacing equipment if it fails, it is in our best interest to ensure everything runs smoothly."

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