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DynaSis Offers Clients Personalized IT Strategy Plans

May 7, 2009. Atlanta, GA based IT services firm DynaSis expands its offerings to give customers a detailed IT strategy plan for both short term and long term planning. The strategic technology review gives clients a look into how their technology is performing currently, auditing the current risks that can lead to critical issues in the near future as well as capacity and compliance issues that will need to be handled down the road.

DynaSis engineers perform strategic technology reviews for new and existing clients so they can have an idea of what industry best practices look like, as well as which practices they are meeting and which need to be addressed. Based on ITIL standards, the process takes a look from the top down including, servers, firewalls and storage devices on the network level before delving into personal computer and user personalities. Engineers spend some time on-site with the client conducting a thorough analysis and in turn deliver a detailed report with the findings. Virtual chief information officers (VCIOs) assigned to the client then discuss the findings in a round table discussion with the client’s key players and offer a road map on how to improve the current state of their IT gradually, so the client has different options available based on their timeline, budget, and strategy.

President David Moorman commented, “We wanted to give the SMB customer a real look into their IT and where it is heading instead of just providing a fly-by-night review that only acts as a sales gimmick. With the strategic technology review, we take the time to get to know your network and present the findings in an easy to understand presentation with options that make sense for your budget. We make sure we do our homework on your network, so we can make the best possible recommendations.”

In fact strategic technology reviews are only the beginning, DynaSis works with clients to become a trusted technology advisor and even dedicates resources like VCIOs to make sure plans are being implemented and new strategies are being developed as the business changes. Vice President Chas Arnold noted, “As a part of our service, IT is constantly being maximized as an advantage to the client. We help clients move from a reactive frame of mind to a proactive one, so they can anticipate technology needs as their business grows.”

DynaSis is a managed IT services provider for small to medium sized businesses in Atlanta, GA, offering on-premise and on-demand SaaS monthly service plans, professional IT installation services, and managed hosting. For more information on DynaSis, visit

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