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DynaSis Launches Unified Email Management Solution; Gives Organizations Convenient, Automatic Email Security, Archival and Remote Access

DynaSis, Atlanta’s premier provider of IT services and support for small and medium businesses (SMBs), today announced the launch of its new Unified Email Management (UEM) solution. With UEM, organizations will be protected with enterprise-grade email encryption, archival and continuity, paired with an always-on, cloud-based email security platform that delivers 100% anti-virus and 99% anti-spam blocking, with 0.0001% spam false positives.

“With email being one of the leading access points for successful cyberattacks, most organizations recognize they need better email security and management, but they do not know where to start,” said DynaSis President Dave Moorman. “With our UEM service, they won’t have to worry about evaluating and deploying one or more solutions. We’ll handle everything.”

With DynaSis UEM, a secure email gateway examines every email to thwart both known and emerging email-borne threats before they reach the corporate network. The solution also includes end-to-end, automated email encryption―seamless to both sender and recipient―to prevent sensitive corporate information being compromised, should emails be intercepted in transit. As a final security feature, UEM includes organization-wide security policy management, with the ability for changes to be applied as soon as a threat or problem is detected.

UEM also addresses another common corporate vulnerability where email is concerned―email archival and continuity. For UEM customers, DynaSis will perform forensic-grade, tamper-proof archival and retrieval of email (with seven-year retention) for regulatory compliance, eDiscovery requests, audits and other requirements. Furthermore, all email messages, calendars, contacts and tasks are synced and backed up between the organization’s Exchange Server and a secure, cloud-based archive that management and staff can access from anywhere in the event their corporate location is unavailable or their servers go down.

“Email is becoming an increasingly pervasive attack vector, with cybercriminals now able to launch spam and phishing attacks from Internet-connected appliances like printers,” Moorman noted. “For this reason, it is absolutely vital that companies protect their email―and their company―from attack. With DynaSis UEM, they gain that protection, and much more.”

About DynaSis
DynaSis is a managed IT service provider for small and medium-sized businesses in Atlanta, Georgia. DynaSis specializes in offering on-premise and on-demand managed IT service plans, managed hosting and professional equipment installation. For more information about DynaSis’ services visit

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