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DynaSis Launches BLUE, a Cloud Solution for Business Providing Ultra-Secure File Sharing, Storage and Backup

DynaSis, Atlanta’s premier provider of IT services and support for small and medium businesses (SMBs), today announced the debut of DynaSis BLUE, an affordable, secure cloud file system. BLUE turns customers’ on-site file servers into in-house cloud servers, enabling firms to harness the power of cloud-based file sharing and storage without relinquishing control of corporate files to a third-party provider.

“Workers increasingly need access to their company’s files and other resources from remote locations, but many firms aren’t comfortable storing digital assets on data center servers in a traditional cloud configuration,” said DynaSis President Dave Moorman. “BLUE creates an enterprise-grade, stringently secured and encrypted cloud on the client’s own server, enabling authorized personnel to access and share files over any Internet-enabled computing device, including mobile phones and tablets."

To deploy BLUE, DynaSis installs a tiny software agent on a client's file server and then configures the in-house cloud environment to meet the customer's specifications. BLUE incorporates 448-bit Blowfish encryption, two-factor authentication, full auditability and granular user-access and security controls.

Far more than a simple cloud-sharing site, DynaSis BLUE provisions companies with a comprehensive, 100% synchronized and backed-up solution that offers significantly better governance than leading competitors.

BLUE is a perfect solution for SMBs due to its affordability, ease of deployment and low impact on system resources. It does not require a special server configuration, does not impact server performance, and does not require firms to purchase additional servers, cloud storage or a VPN (virtual private network).

Yet it gives these companies’ remote workers near instant data accessibility from anywhere in the world. The deploying company also controls which data remote workers can view and share, with DynaSis enabling cloud-based access for only those documents and folders the client company designates.

“DynaSis BLUE was built from the ground-up as a highly secure, accountable business productivity tool,” said Moorman. “It enables SMBs to reap the benefits of remote file sharing and collaboration without the up-front investment or effort usually associated with developing corporate clouds.”

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