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DynaSis Invests In A New “Software-Defined” Data Center

DynaSis, Atlanta’s premier provider of IT services and support for small and medium businesses (SMBs), announced today it has partnered with Peak 10, Inc. and has built a new software-defined data center at their new location in Alpharetta. Peak 10 has 25 data centers across the U.S., many of which are linked to their host cities via Internet backbones and high-speed connections. The sites of Peak 10’s connected data centers align well with the locations of DynaSis eastern-market customers, enabling DynaSis to provide their clients with a host of new services. These new capabilities will build on the foundation of providing Availability, Security, and Mobility to the Modern Business.

“Peak 10 is a highly regarded, world-class data center company,” said DynaSis President Dave Moorman. “Although our previous provider was incredibly reliable and supportive, this move enables us to support a wider range of locations and provide more service flexibility to our customers, including more Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery options.”

With the move, DynaSis is also transitioning to a fully operated “software-defined” data center model with solid state drives (SSDs) as primary storage and a 10GbE core network backbone. In a software-defined data center, a smaller number of denser hard drives replaces the older, larger drives that previously required extensive numbers of rack systems. The new drives have tighter, more robust software integration, increasing virtualization capacity, control, scalability and other operating benefits. A smaller footprint enables more drives to operate in the same space, expanding data center capacity and increasing overall efficiency.

Making the shift to SSDs increases performance substantially. SSDs can have 100 times greater performance, almost instantaneous data access, faster boot times and more rapid file transfers than legacy magnetic drives. SSDs also have no moving parts to wear out.

“With our new infrastructure design, we will have the capacity to host 8,000 servers, all of which will offer better performance than any previous solution,” said Moorman. “We are always seeking ways to benefit our customers, and the move to Peak 10, combined with adoption of the now fully matured software-defined data center and SSD technologies, will bring our customers a substantial functionality and productivity boost.”

About Peak 10
Peak 10 provides reliable, tailored cloud computing, data center and other information technology (IT) infrastructure solutions and managed services, primarily for mid-market businesses.  Peak 10 solutions are designed to scale and adapt to customers’ changing business needs, enabling them to increase agility, lower costs, improve performance and focus internal IT resources on their core competencies. Peak 10 holds the Cisco® Cloud Provider Certification with a Cisco Powered Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) designation. Peak 10 undergoes independent third-party examinations on an annual basis, and maintains compliance reports and certifications including SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC 3, PCI DSS, Safe Harbor and HIPAA.  Peak 10’s security controls are also leveraged by clients to help maintain compliance with FDA, FISMA, ITAR, as well as other compliance and security standards. For more information, visit

About DynaSis
DynaSis is a managed IT service provider for small and medium-sized businesses in Atlanta, Georgia. DynaSis specializes in offering on-premise and on-demand managed IT service plans, managed hosting and professional equipment installation. For more information about DynaSis’ services visit

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