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DynaSis Debuts Backup Audit Program with Proven Track Record of Success and Transparency

As part of its continuing effort to provide customers with the best service in the IT industry, DynaSis—Atlanta’s premier provider of IT services and support for small and medium businesses (SMBs)—today announced its backup audit program. These audits confirm the integrity of the backups DynaSis performs for its customers and gives them the opportunity to review their backup program and adjust it easily if desired.

“DynaSis has always prided itself on maintaining 100% data integrity for its customer backups, but we want our clients to be confident we are performing backups to their precise specifications at all times,” said DynaSis President Dave Moorman. “To this end, we have created a formalized audit process wherein a dedicated, professional auditor reviews and documents both the efforts of our software engineers and the parameters of all our backups. We’ve already completed two of these bi-annual audits and in both cases; the results confirmed our superior level of service excellence.”

Although the internal audit ensures client specifications are being rigorously adhered to, DynaSis wanted to take its service a step further. Beginning in 2013, all customers receive a document after each audit that details the parameters of their backups, including the volumes, drives and folders being archived as well as each backup’s frequency, retention policy and size.

The report also includes recommendations for improvements, such as additional server space needed to complete the backup process moving forward. Customers then have the opportunity to evaluate and approve the parameters of their backups, down to the file level, and approve or reject the recommended changes.

The auditing process is totally transparent and non-disruptive to the customer, yet the reports give them insight into their backups and enable them to confirm their needs haven’t changed since the last audit. This gives customers an easy opportunity to remove backup exclusions, include new data pools if desired, order more storage and perform other tasks within one quick review.

A DynaSis representative meets with each customer to go over the audit results and have them verify that the backup parameters are 100% in accord with their wishes. After that, the customer signs the Backup Approval document and DynaSis returns to its customary behavior of backing up customer data quickly and with no fanfare.

“The bi-annual audit is designed to be a milestone that makes it easy for our clients to review and approve their backup process, but it is not an exclusive opportunity,” says Moorman. “If a customer discovers between audits that their needs have changed or they missed asking us to back up an important particular drive, folder or file, we are always willing to help them make a change at any time.”

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