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DynaSis Builds State-of-the-Art Data Center, Giving the SMB Access to Affordable Technology Solutions

February 19, 2009: Atlanta, GA based IT company DynaSis has recently built a new state-of-the-art data center in downtown Atlanta. The facility guarantees a secure and resilient place to house mission-critical equipment, with 24x7x365 server and environmental monitoring systems plus around the clock management personnel, digital video surveillance cameras, electronic access cards, and biometric retina and fingerprint authentication scanners. The data center is served by 6 high speed optical connections from backbone providers. With generator backup support as well as a high capacity UPS and automatic transfer switch, clients can rest assured that their data is protected from disastrous failures.

President David Moorman commented, “Our primary feed is through Internap, the most highly rated backbone provider in the US. Internap's ability to intelligently route traffic for maximum throughput is unsurpassed. They also have superior abilities to detect and quickly respond to threats and traffic issues. Our investment in this upstream provider is well justified.”

This structure provides the best of both worlds – the highest level of infrastructure in production today with a computing grid that DynaSis manages their customer's sites, databases, and applications. This approach provides the following benefits:

  • Availability -- The architecture is over-engineered to provide redundancy at every possible point of failure. This includes multiple high speed feeds to the Internet backbone, re-generated power via a dedicated 3 grid substation to ensure power purity, batteries and generators in case of power failures, storm proof facilities, and more.
  • Performance -- At the core network level, high speed, high capacity network equipment is used to ensure throughput and best routing over the Internet that uses top of the line network equipment for maximum performance.
  • Responsiveness -- Since DynaSis manages its own network, they are able to respond with speed and effectiveness whenever an issue arises in the hosting environment. This specialization of effort results in customers receiving prompt care and attention through personal service from DynaSis with the security and reliability of a world class data center.

DynaSis Vice President Chas Arnold added, “We are committed to giving clients — and their data — world-class protection in the managed services and managed hosting business. These new investments and this new data center take that commitment to the next level. Our clients, mostly small to mid-size firms here in the Atlanta metro area, just don’t have access to an IT infrastructure of this caliber. By making this technology so accessible, we can help you become more competitive in the market place now and in the future.”

DynaSis is a Complete IT Solutions provider for the SMB, offering IT infrastructure, managed services, business solutions, and technical support. To learn more visit or call 770.569.4600.

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