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DynaSis Announces Partnership with Security Solution Provider OpenDNS; Incorporates Platform into Customer Security Offering

DynaSis, Atlanta’s premier provider of IT services and support for small and medium businesses (SMBs), today announced it has inked a strategic partnership with OpenDNS, a company whose namesake service provides network security that includes built-in phishing and optional content filtering for users while browsing the web. In keeping with its commitment to provide the most robust security possible for its customers, DynaSis has integrated OpenDNS into its platform and will extend its Managed IT Service offering to include this protection at no additional charge.

“Many SMBs give their users far too much latitude in making changes to desktop applications and operating systems, including bypassing browser-level helpers that scan websites for malware infection,” said DynaSis President Dave Moorman. “With OpenDNS, this protection happens in the background, stopping cyber criminals from executing drive-by malware downloads, whether initiated by a phishing email or by a direct visit to a site.”

The attack vectors to which Moorman refers are the most common mechanisms for infection by SMBs. In a phishing email, users are duped into clicking on a link to a malicious site, which can then download malware to an inadequately protected system―a process called a drive-by download. OpenDNS prevents this from happening by securing the Internet at a fundamental level―the DNS, or domain naming system―upon which web servers rely to transport users and their data to a site.

DNS is the equivalent of an Internet phone book. With every request for web service, whether it is browsing or delivering/retrieving email―some site must resolve the request and, using DNS, pair it with the matching website. Historically, this matching activity has been the task of Internet and email providers, most of whom handled only basic matching. With OpenDNS, however, users are protected by a purpose-built, targeted security platform that doesn’t simply match names to addresses; it actually scans an extraordinarily comprehensive database of “safe” and “dangerous” addresses before it responds to the request.

OpenDNS also gives users the tools to decide what to let in and what to block. It not only protects users from visiting sites infected with malware; it also stops any background requests that blocked site malware might launch to retrieve instructions on how to steal data or execute other malicious actions against the web visitor.

“Given SMBs accounted for 61% of cyberattacks in 2013, per security firm Symantec, business owners no longer can ignore cyber security,” said Moorman. “Our partnership with OpenDNS gives us the opportunity, not only to incorporate their service into our Managed Services offering, but also to stay deeply attuned to the evolving threat landscape so we can give our customers the information they need to make productive, safe decisions.”

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