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DynaSis Announces addition of The Internap Flow Control Platform

Roswell, GA - September 1, 2008 - DynaSis Complete IT Solutions today announced the addition of The Internap Flow Control Platform (FCP) to optimize Core Network speed and efficiency between DynaSis and the Internet.

The FCP platform is designed to optimize the BGP protocol. BGP is the core protocol the Internet was built on in the 1970s. For the small percentage of data centers, such as DynaSis, that have multiple high speed redundant internet connections, the FCP provides network performance management, Optimization and monitoring. Without an FCP, the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is often the default routing mechanism, blindly routing data over connections based on the shortest amount of hops a choice that frequently results in poor performance. The FCP takes a better approach. It proactively reviews our network(s) for the best performing routes. This addition will allow DynaSis to use the FCP technology to help improve both performance of you applications and the bottom line.

Benefits of Core Network Performance Management:

  • Dynamically measure the end-to-end performance of applications, specifically performance over the public Internet
  • Quickly and easily establish policies to automatically implement changes based on those measures
  • Report on network performance and cost, perform forensic analysis when problems do occur, and the ability to manage our Internet service providers to their SLAs.

Based on its unique capability to measure the characteristics of end-to-end, real-time Internet traffic, the FCP solution improves network performance up to 50% on average by:

  • Automatically routing traffic around major global or national network outages
  • Managing the network issues such as IP network brownouts and slowdowns that cause the 80% of application issues that impact speed and reliability.
  • Proactively identifying and choosing the best performing path for Internet traffic at all times
  • Providing routing based on priority for key applications

The result is improved network performance, intelligent load balancing across multiple provider links, and easier troubleshooting.

Adding The Internap Flow Control Platform to our systems further supports our commitment to providing superior data center services to our clients, said David Moorman, president of DynaSis.

DynaSis is a Complete IT Solutions provider offering IT infrastructure, managed services, business solutions, and technical support. To learn more visit

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