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Cloud Readiness Assessment

So, you think your business is ready to move to the cloud. You are probably right but there are questions that should be answered so instead of having a vague idea of how the cloud works and how it will best serve you, you have a clear picture and a detailed “roadmap” for planning, execution, and then for everyday life in the cloud.

Definition: Cloud Readiness Assessment

Our Cloud Readiness Assessment follows a highly detailed checklist that lets us determine whether or not your applications and data can be smoothly moved to the cloud. We also want to ensure minimal impact during the move to the operation of your business. We use data to visualize what we need to accomplish and how we will accomplish these goals. We will give your team members the necessary steps for a smooth transition.

The Assessment Tools

There is any number of tools available on the market today. The question is:

Which is/are the best tool(s) for analyzing your business?

Most importantly, are you using certain applications that have specific requirements? Or are the tools you’re using dependent on other applications? These may have unique protocols in order to properly secure and maintain your data. We have the expertise necessary to select the right tools to work within your existing framework and migrate successfully to your new Cloud environment.

By Properly Assessing Cloud Readiness You are Mitigating Risk for a move to the cloud

It makes sense to do a comprehensive assessment as it will make the transition easier. By so doing, we also will identify risks for which we can work out short and long-term strategies that will thwart them. This methodology will help keep all aspects of your business operations running smoothly before, during and after the migration, and avoid expensive errors and/or omissions.

Our Cloud Readiness Checklist Overview

  • Your company’s current and future workload needs to be carefully calculated and analyzed so we can jointly establish your needs going forward.
  • We must determine whether or not your current applications and data, in their current formats, will work properly in their new environment and determine adjustments that may need to be made so they migrate properly and are fully usable upon completion.
  • Are you switching from client-based to cloud-based applications? This is a good time to do so if applicable, but we will need to run tests to make sure the before and after environments are compatible. If potential problems are seen, modifications that need to be made.
  • Security and Compliance. We will check all the processes that you follow and all software you will be using for security and regulatory compliance, and best practices.
  • Importantly, we will check to see that your existing environment will properly release current data and that your cloud environment will accept it without corruption or data loss.
  • Timeframes must be established which will state which applications and process will be moved first, second, etc., so as to not have a negative impact on company operations. (Data is generally moved at night or over a weekend when company employees are not working with it, especially not making changes.)
  • Your executive team will be consulted and their approval received before any changes actually take place.
  • Employee training in your new cloud environment will take place so all are aware of any new procedures that might be in place, as well as any new features/benefits they should realize from using the new system.

DynaSis has have been working in the cloud since 2004  and our team of more than 60 highly trained and experienced IT professionals, providing managed IT support in Atlanta, stand ready to assist in making preparations for your cloud migration. If you would like to learn more, give us a call today at 678-373-0716.

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