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Over the past two years, we have been speaking and writing a lot about digital transformation and how it can be a game-changer in what has become a truly digital world. (Think Uber, Netflix, Amazon and a ton of smaller companies). It’s truly revolutionary and since your business is already on its way (email, VoIP phones, Microsoft Office), we thought we would give you some suggestions on how to continue the march forward. And, by the way, here at DynaSis, we want to help your business grow and prosper by making sure that your upgrades are network safe and scalable.

Modernized Business Telephone Systems: Today’s business telephones using VoIP (voice over internet protocol) are exceptional business tools that can be used for much more than simply making calls. Today’s “Unified Communications” systems offer ease of use, flexibility and security that advances businesses in many areas. In fact, today your telephone system can be a business building asset.

Live in the Cloud with Office 365: Earlier in this piece we mentioned that by using MS Office you are already using digital technology. True. But Office 365, which relies on the cloud to feed you applications and files, takes the software to a whole new level. Office 365 offers an incredible array features that can save time, increase productivity, and add security. Will you use all these features? No. No business will. So, what if you don’t want to pay for a lot of features that you don’t need? You can select what you want and only pay for that. You never really buy Office 365; you “rent” what you need. At DynaSis, we are experts in Office 365 and we can help you design a cost-effective configuration that makes sense for your business.

Digitize Your Paper Files: It’s a process and it can take time, but once it has been completed, information becomes easily accessible, no matter how old it is. And misfiling becomes a thing of the past. Transferring or sharing documents between individuals, departments, even offices and clients in other cities becomes effortless.

Real-time Network Security Protection: Your vendors, partners, employees and, most of all, your customers, except a high level of security, and they have a right to. In today’s world of ever evolving cyber-crime, cyber-security is critical. Every business person today is aware of the attacks on major companies and governments over the past few years, but don’t be lulled into a false sense of security because you are a small to mid-sized business. The vast majority of cyber-attacks, including ransomware, are against small to mid-sized companies, just like yours. (Learn more from our recent white papers on Cyber Security 2017 and Cyber Security 2018. Different approaches and both highly relevant today.) Make sure your managed IT support company provides real-time, real-live 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring, managing and maintaining of your network.

Protect Your Printers: Printers? Aren’t these essentially the same as they have been for years? Nope. Today’s printers are highly advanced and, consequently much more expensive. Because of this, many companies network their printers and have multiple employees using the same machines. There is nothing wrong with this, but the keyword here is “networked”. If your printers are networked through your IT infrastructure then they are vulnerable to cyber-attack and must be protected.

If you have any questions on any of the above suggestions, please give us a call. 678-373-0716, or visit us at After all, we have been working with businesses just like yours in Atlanta for more than 25 years.


The Challenge

For General Solutions Associates (GSA), technology is not just a convenience, it is a powerful tool that the company must use appropriately to ensure meeting its own compliance requirements.

When GSA sought (and received) SAE-16 type II Certification*, the AICPA* auditors who conducted the certification, while comfortable with the firm’s cloud-based technology platform, recommended bringing technology in-house to bolster both security and disaster recovery.

*The Certification attests to the fact the company and its systems have been audited over a minimum six-month test period and that they conform to the requirements of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) Service Organization Control.

The Existing Technology

Prior to the audit, GSA had initially utilized an in-house server but had, over several years, transitioned much of its data and some productivity tools to a hosted solution with a third party provider. After adopting this approach, GSA management came to the realization that while this particular cloud solution was convenient, it did not meet all their regulatory requirements and lacked the robust availability the firm needed for its personnel. “As the business grew and we added more employees, it became more difficult to ensure the same level of availability we had enjoyed with our own server,” says GSA Partner, Joe Solana.

Then, when during the SAE-16 Type Two certification process, auditors advised that internal technology would improve the security over the hosted cloud solution they were using, Solana knew it was time to make a change. “We wanted 100% uptime, and we placed extreme importance on stringent security for customer data we are housing,” he says. “We also wanted to meet or exceed all the requirements to maintain our certification as a service provider.”

The Selection

In the midst of the audit, another GSA Partner Matthew LaHood thought of DynaSis, whose leadership he had met previously, and mentioned them to the auditors.

“The auditors had heard of DynaSis and they were very happy with that choice,” says Solana. With the auditors’ enthusiastic blessing of DynaSis, GSA was ready to forge ahead and called upon DynaSis to upgrade its technology systems, and a great partnership was born.

The Solution

DynaSis assigned one of its Technical Account Managers (TAM) to the GSA account. The TAN met with Solana to discuss the firm’s needs and to develop an effective, affordable solution that would include secure backup. After completing its analysis and developing specific requirements for GSA, DynaSis recommended an on-premises virtualized infrastructure composed of two physical servers, or hosts―a Dell host server and a Dell backup and Business Continuity server―that would serve as physical hosts for a framework of five virtual servers. In addition to the continuous on-site backup provided by the virtualized backup system, GSA’s data would also be backed up securely to DynaSis’s offsite Data Center for 100% redundancy.

The Implementation

For the first stage of the process, DynaSis engineers began monitoring GSA’s existing servers and desktops to create a baseline for the new solution and to resolve any outstanding issues. DynaSis also backed up all of GSA’s existing data to a secure location to prepare for the cutover.

For the second phase, the DynaSis implementation crew installed the new servers and built the network over a three-day period, then began advanced configuration to secure optimal connectivity and operability for all GSA’s desktops and devices.

“It took DynaSis about a week to get everything up and running, with all the machines connected and working,” says Solana. “The process went smoothly, other than typical upgrade glitches like a machine not being compatible. At first they had a bit of difficulty getting our phone system to integrate with the new routers, but they got that resolved quickly. It was a growing pain more than a glitch.”

After the solution was complete, DynaSis began providing 24/7/365 monitoring, and proactive management and problem resolution, including round-the-clock Help Desk support. For remote connectivity, GSA workers were able to access the network through a secure virtual private network (VPN).

The Result

Since the implementation, Novatec has remained as committed to GSA’s satisfaction and success as it was during the initial implementation, Solana says. “The 24/7 system monitoring and proactive management is the biggest benefit …and savings”, he notes. “I am not spending hours of my time trying to figure something out when someone has a problem. Having someone to help out is a lifesaver!”

When asked to sum up his experience, overall, Solana offers high praise for the firm. “We are a turn-key service provider like DynaSis. We know from developing solutions for our own customers, how valuable it is to work with a company that provides everything you need.” Solana concludes, “There hasn’t been anything DynaSis couldn’t do, and I would recommend them in a heartbeat. In fact, I already have.”

Solana also applauds DynaSis’s TAM model. “Their consultative work is really valuable for a company like us without extensive technical expertise.”

The Future

The implementation been so successful that GSA is currently working with DynaSis on developing a failover disaster recovery solution. “They are working on a new network design and business continuity service for us that includes a redundant virtual server that could be hosted at their data center or wherever we want,” says Solana. “If our office building was not accessible, we could just flip a switch and be up and running.”

The Challenge

For Paradigm Chemical & Consulting, a functional IT system is mission critical. With 80% of its employees and contractors in the field rather than in the office, the company needs reassurance that everyone with a company-issued device can enjoy the productivity benefits technology affords them. The firm also relies on having a network that operates at an optimal level.

When it became evident to Paradigm Chemical President and COO James L. Herrin that its previous IT provider wasn’t able to meet those goals, Herrin began looking for other answers. He found the responsiveness, support and strong relationship he sought with DynaSis.

The Engagement

When he decided it was time to look for a new provider, Herrin discovered that he had already connected with one DynaSis's principals via social media. “Chas Arnold [DynaSis's VP of Managed IT Services] and I followed each other on Twitter, and when we realized who each other was, he started calling me directly,” says Herrin. “When the relationship with my previous IT provider began to break down rapidly and I needed to make a change, DynaSis was my first choice.”

According to Herrin, three or four other firms sent him information about their companies, but none of them were initially appealing. When Arnold visited him in person, Herrin says, the deal was sealed. “After Chas and I talked, and I discovered how long DynaSis had been in business, it was clear to me that I needed to move to DynaSis,” Herrin says.

The Solution

A DynaSis Technical Account Manager, was assigned to Paradigm and met with Herrin in advance of the technology and network assessments DynaSis would perform to assist in making its recommendations. After evaluating Paradigm Chemical’s IT infrastructure―and its technology and business requirements―DynaSis recommended its Digital Veins solution (now entitled “Ascend”). With Ascend, Paradigm Chemical would receive proactive, monitoring and support for its server and desktops (software and hardware) for a set monthly fee.

“DynaSis diagnosed that the previous company’s network monitoring tools were consuming 30% of our memory, by themselves,” says Herrin. “They were slowing our whole network down. With DynaSis, the system has really sped up. Their turn-up addressed every one of my issues.”

The Result

As part of the contract, DynaSis also provides 24-hour tech support for the company’s in-house employees as well as workers and contractors in the field, who use company-issued laptops. Connected employees can open tickets by clicking an icon on their desktop or laptop and request support directly. “With our previous provider, support tickets would go unresolved for weeks at a time,” says Herrin. “We haven’t had that problem, at all, with DynaSis. The speed at which they address our issues is phenomenal.”

Another problem, Herrin says, is that its previous provider didn’t assign a single point of contact for the account. “We would have tickets in for three or four issues, and I would get phone calls from four different technicians. With DynaSis, I have a single point of contact and a level of intimacy that I didn’t have with the previous provider.”

The Future

In addition to deploying Ascend, DynaSis is helping Paradigm Chemical implement a more robust firewall solution (hardware and software) and upgrade its backup system. DynaSis is also working on hardware upgrades for Paradigm Chemical and has helped the firm communicate more effectively with third-party technology and telecommunications vendors such as Dell and Cbeyond.

For Herrin, although speed, support and network efficiency are real business benefits, on a personal level, he’s happy to finally be heard. “When the DynaSis account manager came to visit me, he sat for an hour and a half, just listening,” says Herrin. “That’s the biggest thing that separated DynaSis from other providers― they actually listened.”

Ascend: DynaSis’s highly flexible and versatile IT Management solution:

YOUR location, YOUR equipment, OUR Expertise

YOUR location, OUR equipment, OUR expertise

OUR facility, OUR equipment, OUR Expertise

For JEH Homes, which in 2013 was named one of the Top 10 Residential Homebuilders in Atlanta, the economic recovery has meant beneficial growth in both its business and its stature. With that growth, however, came a challenge―how to ensure its technology systems were robust and well-managed enough to keep pace. For JEH Homes, fast, functional technology is vital, not only for office workers, but also for sales agents in the field.

When the company outgrew its previous IT provider, it found a new technology "home," as well―with DynaSis and its all-you-can-eat, flat-fee Digital Veins IT service package. For the solution, DynaSis migrated JEH Homes’ email to hosted Microsoft Exchange, providing company personnel with remote access to corporate email on their laptops and desktops. DynaSis also provides JEH Homes with proactive, 24/7/365 network and system monitoring, management, remote issue resolution and system updates, plus round-the-clock Help Desk with an online ticketing system that JEH Homes’ users access through a dedicated portal on their PCs.

To complete the package, DynaSis offers on-site assistance for problems that cannot be resolved remotely and helps JEH Homes manage some other hosted solutions that are outside the scope of Digital Veins’ sphere. DynaSis' IT planning experts also consult with JEH Homes on upgrades and other improvements that would benefit JEH Homes’ utilization of technology.

According to JEH Homes’ Controller Christina Campbell, the DynaSis solution and service are exactly what JEH needed to keep its own homebuilding on track. "We called DynaSis in, and they were a bigger operation with more resources than our previous provider," says Campbell. "It made sense to go with a company that was more equipped to handle our volume. DynaSis took a look at what we had, how we were setup, and where we needed to go. They presented what we needed to do, and they discovered a lot of things that should have been happening but weren't."

Backup It Up
One of the operations that wasn't happening as it should was JEH Homes’ backup procedure. Although JEH Homes had never had a backup failure, Campbell says, DynaSis gave them a strategic plan where none had existed before.

"The old IT company wasn't giving us the backup recommendations we needed, like backing up to an offsite location as a better safeguard," Campbell says. "Before we signed up with DynaSis, we didn't realize that our backups were not sufficient and were not happening often enough."

Remote Support
Campbell reports that DynaSis has also helped JEH Homes get a handle on its support for its remote site. Of the 36 individuals on the JEH Homes’ network, 10 are sales agents that rely on remote access to the network. "DynaSis has really stepped up; they helped us to get our remote access problems under control and provide a better system to support the agents," says Campbell.

"From a company perspective, it all really starts with agents in the field," she continues. "One of the biggest rewards we have seen is that now our remote locations are up and running smoothly. DynaSis also makes sure that our agents have access to our SharePoint site, and if they don’t DynaSis works with our SharePoint hosting company to straighten things out."

Bottom-Line Benefits
Campbell says the whole company's IT and productivity flow has improved while under DynaSis' care. "They are a really well-rounded IT company, and the Help Desk is phenomenal," says Campbell. "Our prior firm had an online ticketing system, as well, but DynaSis' response time is 10 times better now that our users have options to call or go online. We typically get a call back from DynaSis within 45 minutes―their response time is 100 times better."

Campbell also notes that DynaSis is helping JEH Homes plan for and implement the upgrades that will carry the company into the future. "It was crazy-insane, the differences in technology our people were using; the laptops and desktops," says Campbell.

"DynaSis told us, 'Eventually this is what you need to do,' and they have worked with us to make the purchases as we need them, so we didn't have to order 15 laptops at once. We give them the specs, and they deliver each unit, set it up and make sure the user is good to go."

About JEH Homes
JEH Homes is an Atlanta new home builder known for creatively designed homes with superior construction and attention to detail. With a focus on understanding and appreciating the true meaning of "Home," all of its Atlanta new homes include JEH Homes' GREENdesign Initiative smart features, remarkable value and an exceptional Worry-Free Warranty. For more information, visit

The Challenge

J-Drain’s VP of Operations, Ryan Hatrak, found DynaSis through an online search after the company decided that monetary losses from international emails not going through had become unacceptable.

“In today’s fast-paced business environment, email communication is becoming mission critical, especially for firms with a large international customer base,” said Chas Arnold, Novatec's VP of Managed IT Services. “It was essential that we provide JDR not only with proactive, best-practices IT support and management, but also with a reliable, trusted email solution that would support their business activities now and in the future.

The Solution

DynaSis, Atlanta’s premier provider of IT services and support for small and medium businesses (SMBs), transitioned JDR Enterprises to a new email platform (Microsoft Exchange) which has resolved the company’s email challenges. “If there is an issue—and there are always going to be some issues—they can tell us why something isn’t working and quickly get it fixed.” Hatrak said.

DynaSis also transitioned JDR Enterprises to its industry-leading Ascend solution for automated problem resolution and proactive IT support and website hosting services.

The Result

“With our previous IT provider, we were having a lot of issues—especially email issues—that the company could not resolve or didn’t know how to fix,” said Hatrak. “DynaSis takes a different approach. They are proactive about finding and addressing issues before problems arise.”

With Ascend, JDR Enterprises will enjoy the benefits of 24/7/365 IT systems and desktop management, automated data backup and disaster recovery, managed security services and automated Help Desk and onsite support, in addition to hosted Exchange and website hosting.

When LPS Labs, a U.S. manufacturer of chemicals for industrial, aerospace, military and telecommunications facilities worldwide, looked to replace its managed services provider in 2011, the company had specific requirements in mind. According to LPS Labs Network Administrator Sam Torke, the firm wanted a responsive, proactive firm with a local footprint and a team that had the IT expertise to evaluate their requirements and help plan future improvements. They found what they wanted, and more, with DynaSis and their Managed IT Services.

Going Local
“Having a local presence was very important to us,” says Torke. “We found three or four companies that said they had both a local and national footprint. Some presented themselves as being local, but when we met with them, there was no team. There was one person in a conference room and we never saw anyone else.”

“With DynaSis, when we did a site visit, we actually met the people who would be helping us. Everyone was really customer oriented and they had the broadest offering that matched our needs.” Nearly two years later, Torke says, he couldn’t be happier about the decision.

“Right after we started our contract with them, we installed a new firewall,” says Torke. “We have also virtualized servers and workstations, and they have been right up to task on everything we want to do.”

A Higher Level
Torke says that working with DynaSis affords him a higher level of expertise than he had previously enjoyed, as well as access to a wider pool of talent. “There is only one of me and there are a dozen of them,” says Torke. “It’s been a big improvement for us, their ability to handle complicated issues. They have resolved some very complex problems for us.”

Shortly after DynaSis began working with LPS Labs, Torke relates, the firm ran out of IP addresses, which limited employees’ ability to access the Internet. “Everybody was screaming, but the solution to the problem wasn’t immediately obvious,” Torke says.

“I needed more eyes to look at the situation from a broader perspective and find a solution. DynaSis pointed out right away that we didn’t have enough IP addresses. We went from one subnet to five subnets and everything has worked out great since.”

Self-Service Problem Resolution
As part of its Managed IT Services agreement with LPS Labs, Novatefch provides Help Desk support, maintains and updates the company’s server infrastructure, and maintains and manages its backups and disaster recovery appliances. LPS Labs has a dispersed workforce that accesses the company network via a VPN connection, and the DynaSis Help Desk provides problem resolution for all the firm’s remote workers, as well.

“In the past we wanted our users to go through a web portal to our helpdesk, or to send an email to our helpdesk,” says Torke. “With DynaSis, we now have a self-service model that lets personnel go directly to the DynaSis Help Desk when they have a problem.”

LPS has an assigned DynaSis Technical Account Manager to help them assess the current IT environment and develop a roadmap for the company’s needs in the future. “We’re now looking at document and workflow management solutions, and our DynaSis Technical Account Manager is working with me on this and helping me set realistic expectations.”

When asked how likely he would be to refer DynaSis to another company, Torke rates DynaSis a 10 on a scale of one to 10. If someone else asked him for a reference, he says, “I would tell them that you won’t find anybody better.”


Two years ago, automotive, commercial and industrial lubricant supplier Halco Industries found a perfect IT support solution with DynaSis and Digital Veins, DynaSis’s proactive, 24/7/365 monitoring,  maintenance and support solution. This year, when Halco increased its office and conference space during a remodeling project, the firm called in DynaSis for help expanding its wireless network. The result has been increased productivity and satisfaction for on-site employees, outside salesmen and vendors, all at minimal cost.

A Growing Concern
In the two years since DynaSis came on board, Halco had grown its operation to 48 employees, and its reliance on the Internet had grown along with it. When the company’s lease expired, rather than moving to a larger building, Halco negotiated with the landlord to remodel the warehouse and use part of it for new offices and a second conference room. However, the firm’s current wireless network didn’t reach to those locations, so a reconfiguration was in order.

According to Halco Accounting Manager JoAnn Carney, the timing couldn’t have been better. “The existing wireless network already wasn’t getting it for us,” says Carney. “We have a lot of people on wireless, and we were always experiencing dropped signals.”

Carney called in a DynaSis IT Services team to explore the situation, and they recommended adding two SonicPoint wired access points, connecting to the SonicWall firewall device that DynaSis had installed earlier. The new access points would create a new network with greater range that would service both Halco employees and guests, with the two streams of traffic segregated to protect Halco’s servers.

The new network not only expanded coverage into the new offices and conference space; it also resolved the firm’s wireless overload problem. “They put one access point around a corner and another in the conference room. Since they put those in, we haven’t been dropping anything,” says Carney. “Everybody who works here could now get on the network at once, including the outside salesmen with their iPads, and we wouldn’t have any problems. That doesn’t happen often, but when it does, we would have a mass uproar if people could not connect.”

Untethered and Free to Work
During the same project, DynaSis installed a wireless projector—the Dell 4320—to make it easier for visiting salesmen and vendors to stream presentations from their mobile computers. Suspended from the ceiling, the projector supports both Wi-Fi and cabled connections. It also has a high lumen output, so it resolves an excess ambient light problem in the new conference room.

“We have 10 outside salesmen with iPads or laptops, and they don’t have a proper office,” says Carney. “A few of them come in every day for a couple of hours, getting mail; printing things. They use the conference room as their office, and also to make presentations. Plus, we have vendors who want to make presentations.

“With the new wireless projector and network, it’s easier for our salesmen and vendors to give presentations. Last week, the sales manager had a two-day hurrah, and there were eight people in and out of the office for two days straight, giving presentations. Everything worked perfectly.”

Equally importantly, Carney notes, is the support for mobile devices they have gained with the new wireless network. “We all have smartphones. I am around this building, all over the place, and I love that I now have freedom to move throughout the building. My office is at the end of the hall, and in the old days, the wireless would drop frequently because of the location.

“Now, I get email anywhere I go. I could use the phone’s 3G wireless, but this is so much faster. As soon as I cross the threshold in the morning, I hear a beep-beep reminding me to log in and retrieve my email over the wireless network.”

Problem Solved
Carney says they’ve only had one problem with the new network—right after the installation—and DynaSis came out to fix it promptly. “The wireless didn’t seem to be any better, but when we’d talk to them, it would be working,” she says. “I told them, ‘trust me, something is wrong with it. You just have to come out.’ They came right away, they spent many hours here figuring out what was wrong and they fixed it.”

Carney says those are two of the things she loves about working with DynaSis—they trust her when she says something is wrong, and they work on problems until they’re resolved. “Our last company was notorious – they would close a ticket and say we were fine when we weren’t,” says Carney.

“DynaSis is very good,” Carney concludes. “We don’t have an IT person here, and I don’t speak the language. They have to talk to me like I am a 3-year old.” She also praises DynaSis’s user-driven support system. “Every employee can contact DynaSis from their workstation and open their own ticket. People aren’t calling me and telling me they have a problem. They just open a ticket and the DynaSis support folks take care of it.”

“Technology isn’t just a tool, it’s a weapon,” Executive VP Ed Steinman said. “Your technology should support your business in ways that allow you to discover more quickly, respond more quickly. IT should never hold you back, it should be pushing you ahead.” Through the Digital Veins program, DynaSis constantly monitors the operation of Whitaker’s systems, performing regular maintenance, executing backups and installing upgrades and patches proactively.

When automotive, commercial and industrial lubricant supplier Halco Industries found service going down and prices going up with its former IT support firm, the company decided it was time for a reboot. After discussing the situation with its current firm, the company called DynaSis for a consultation. The result was a retooling of Halco's IT strategy that not only increased satisfaction but also is helping them explore adoption of new technologies.

Business Basics.
Halco's 29-user IT configuration centers around five on-premise servers running either Windows Server 2003 or 2008. The firm uses MS Exchange 2010 for email messaging and archival, Multiview Financial software, plus Microsoft Office (with Excel power users) and heavy reliance on Internet access. Despite having sufficient infrastructure running leading software products, prior to DynaSis's arrival things were always going wrong.

"We were continually having downtime across the organization. On different systems and at different times our Internet, email and order entry would be down," says Halco Accounting Manager Joann Carney. "The president of the company was familiar with of DynaSis, so we had them come in a few times to discuss how they would address our needs. We liked their approach and we switched."

DynaSis recommended its Digital Veins service, in which it manages, monitors and patches the on-site servers and other IT equipment for its customers, either remotely or on premises. The solution adopted by Halco also includes a backup and disaster recovery system as well as spam filtering and patch management. DynaSis also provides problem alerting and support notification to Halco users.

Service First.
DynaSis installed a dedicated software solution that placed an icon on the desktop of every Halco user. When users have a problem, they click the icon to initiate a service ticket.

"DynaSis responds directly to the user, as opposed to our previous solution where only one or two people could call in with issues," says Carney. "I love the fact they are willing to talk to every user, and will talk to folks in the warehouse about how to reboot a computer so I don’t have to go out there and do it."

According to Carney, DynaSis's proactive approach ensures she is notified of problems before she is aware of them. "I get a text message telling me the server is down before I get to work," she says. "The monitoring on their end watches our servers."

While she is driving into the office, Carney relates, DynaSis works to restore the problematic server remotely. "They ask me to call when I arrive if the server isn’t restored to normal operations," she says.

"I just had a nasty virus and they dialed in and repaired it," she continues. "While they were there, they noticed a patch missing from my machine and checked all the other workstations to make sure they had the patch, then reported back to us on the resolution."

On the Spot and Within Reach
Carney reports that she has timed DynaSis's response time and found it to be "excellent." She says the average is around seven minutes, and if DynaSis cannot repair a problem remotely, they are quick to arrive and take care of the problem, on site. "We’re a sales-based business, and sales people are taking orders all day, so if a server goes down it puts us in a backlog," says Carney. "We are unable to take orders and make our money."

DynaSis also supports the Blackberries and iPhones of Halco's outside sales force, who call DynaSis directly for support. DynaSis's engagement has also extended the reach of Halco's employees, in some cases enabling them to perform tasks they never before considered. "Some of us work at home and have the ability to dial-in; they have made a big difference in our remote capabilities," says Carney.

"Our sales manager just got an iPad and is trying to do quotes from it," she continues. "DynaSis is helping him enable direct desktop access from his iPad." So successful has the effort been, so far, that Carney says DynaSis will soon be helping Halco integrate more iPads with their system as well as easing the transition into a new CRM solution.

"One of our oil company partners recently provided iPads to our representatives and invited us to join a beta program for order taking," says Carney. "Now, our sales people are exploring what else they can do with the devices, and DynaSis is helping them out."

A DynaSis Case Study
When Goldleaf Data outgrew the capabilities of its managed IT services provider, it knew it needed a change. However, management wanted more than a vendor prepared to support a larger staff. Goldleaf sought a firm that would provide rapid, on-site response when support issues could not be resolved over the phone; one with dedicated personnel who understood that downtime was unacceptable.

“We now have more employees—more PCs to support,” says Chavarous Kennebrew, Data Analyst I with Goldleaf Data. “Our other vendor was not able to meet some of the time restrictions we have. We are a data reseller, so we cannot be down.”

Goldleaf Data had worked with DynaSis previously, under an earlier management team. When the company was ready to make a switch, they chose DynaSis again. “We were happy with them before, and the services they offered were competitive based on what we saw with other firms in the area. We went back to DynaSis.”

Full-Service; Genuine Commitment
With Digital Veins, Goldleaf receives a comprehensive menu of support services, beginning with 24/7/365 critical systems monitoring, automated software updates and network patch management to automated backups, network policy enforcement and managed security. Goldleaf also enjoys helpdesk, onsite support and after-hours service (remote or onsite) for infrastructure components covered under the plan.

According to Kennebrew, DynaSis’s support platform is one of the great benefits they have realized through Digital Veins. “The process for support—whether it is a call or placing a ticket online, is easy to use,” says Kennebrew. “I prefer to pick up the phone and call someone—and there has always been someone to help me when I call. That is definitely important.”

In describing the commitment and tenacity of DynaSis’s staff, Kennebrew cites a specific incident, noting, “We were up and down with rolling blackouts prior to DynaSis. One of their support technicians—Jim—was here to do Job A, but he stayed here through Job B to Job M until we reached resolution,” says Kennebrew. “DynaSis has a very knowledgeable; very dedicated staff.”

Kennebrew reports that Goldleaf Data is planning to upgrade some of its network hardware to reduce network bottlenecks, and DynaSis will also be assisting with that project. “Their services are great, and they have been very well received,” Kennebrew continues. “If I were looking to refer someone to an IT support company, DynaSis is the first company I would suggest.”



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