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MendenFreiman LLP: High Availability and Whenever-Wherever Access Keeps Attorneys and Clients Delighted

When MendenFreiman LLP decided to change technology service providers, the company had a specific set of requirements. Their prior firm had failed to provide the necessary level of round-the-clock service and support—an issue that could cost the firm dearly in terms of lost productivity and client goodwill. When MendenFreiman Director of Operations Allan D. Freiman met with DynaSis in 2007, he knew he had found a provider that could meet the firm's high expectations. Five years later, the partnership continues to grow and thrive.

"If we are down for an hour—we don’t have access to our data —it literally costs us thousands of dollars an hour in lost productivity," says Freiman. "When we took a tour of DynaSis's facilities and met some of the staff, we saw an opportunity to maintain significantly more uptime with DynaSis than with other vendors."

Keeping the Legal Eagles Flying

Unlike firms that maintain a strict workday schedule, says Freiman, MendenFreiman's business frequently requires its staff to work nights and on weekends. To maximize attorney productivity and reduce the stress of working long hours, the company considers it paramount for staff to have remote access to the firm's databases.

"Our office hours may stop at 5:30, but we may have people working into the night," says Freiman. "We manage all relevant documents and emails so our staff can go to one place and retrieve everything we’ve done for a particular client. If we don’t have access to that data, then we’re not going to be able to meet deadlines and our clients are going to look elsewhere."

To support MendenFreiman's on-site servers, DynaSis initially implemented its 24/7/365 remote monitoring and support solution. This service also included a secure, remote-access portal through which authorized staff could access firm files from any Internet-connected location.

Since that time, DynaSis has been maintaining the company's servers in the background, applying fixes and performing other tasks that ensure maximum uptime for MendenFreiman. If a problem arises, DynaSis's Help Desk Support team stands at the ready. "DynaSis monitors our servers 24 hours a day," says Freiman. "I am very happy with the service. I like that I can get online and open up a support ticket and get status update notifications continuously."

Moving to the Cloud

After five years with Novteach remotely managing MendenFreiman's on-site servers, Freiman reports the company is moving to adopt DynaSis's fully cloud-based solution, ITility by DynaSis, and a test environment is already in the works. "This past summer, we had some server issues and our disaster recovery solution, because of our volume of data,  had a 24-hour window to up time. That prompted us to look at totally fail-safe solutions," says Freiman.

"With ITility by DynaSis, the DynaSis data center will provide a disaster recovery system that is better than what we could afford on our own," he says. "The goal is to do away with our servers and rely on DynaSis to manage our IT needs even more than we do now."

A  Solid Foundation

Freiman says his firm is comfortable making the shift to a cloud-based environment because of the excellent support and service DynaSis has provided from the outset. "DynaSis has been very accommodating to our users, even when they are working at night or on weekends," says Freiman. "They are always very customer driven and have continued to show exceptional customer service even under extreme circumstances."

In summation, Freiman notes, "We pay DynaSis a monthly fee for their service, and we look at that as an insurance premium. DynaSis has given us the confidence to make client commitments and know that we can keep them. The more we keep those commitments, the stronger our client relationships will be, and the more business they will bring us through referrals. The ability to be up and running is worth every penny."

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