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Keeping the Data Flowing: Digital Veins Keeps GoldLeaf Data Up and Running

A DynaSis Case Study
When Goldleaf Data outgrew the capabilities of its managed IT services provider, it knew it needed a change. However, management wanted more than a vendor prepared to support a larger staff. Goldleaf sought a firm that would provide rapid, on-site response when support issues could not be resolved over the phone; one with dedicated personnel who understood that downtime was unacceptable.

“We now have more employees—more PCs to support,” says Chavarous Kennebrew, Data Analyst I with Goldleaf Data. “Our other vendor was not able to meet some of the time restrictions we have. We are a data reseller, so we cannot be down.”

Goldleaf Data had worked with DynaSis previously, under an earlier management team. When the company was ready to make a switch, they chose DynaSis again. “We were happy with them before, and the services they offered were competitive based on what we saw with other firms in the area. We went back to DynaSis.”

Full-Service; Genuine Commitment
With Digital Veins, Goldleaf receives a comprehensive menu of support services, beginning with 24/7/365 critical systems monitoring, automated software updates and network patch management to automated backups, network policy enforcement and managed security. Goldleaf also enjoys helpdesk, onsite support and after-hours service (remote or onsite) for infrastructure components covered under the plan.

According to Kennebrew, DynaSis’s support platform is one of the great benefits they have realized through Digital Veins. “The process for support—whether it is a call or placing a ticket online, is easy to use,” says Kennebrew. “I prefer to pick up the phone and call someone—and there has always been someone to help me when I call. That is definitely important.”

In describing the commitment and tenacity of DynaSis’s staff, Kennebrew cites a specific incident, noting, “We were up and down with rolling blackouts prior to DynaSis. One of their support technicians—Jim—was here to do Job A, but he stayed here through Job B to Job M until we reached resolution,” says Kennebrew. “DynaSis has a very knowledgeable; very dedicated staff.”

Kennebrew reports that Goldleaf Data is planning to upgrade some of its network hardware to reduce network bottlenecks, and DynaSis will also be assisting with that project. “Their services are great, and they have been very well received,” Kennebrew continues. “If I were looking to refer someone to an IT support company, DynaSis is the first company I would suggest.”



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