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DynaSis Case Study: MAAC - DynaSis provides support for growing staff, while increasing security and decreasing service calls.

The Challenge

When Betty Lea, MBA, Chief Financial Officer, started at MAAC, the entire team consisted of two people, including

Betty herself. As the staff grew (there are now more than 40), and their IT needs expanded, Betty found that she became the go-to person for anything IT related. “I was spending too much of my time dealing with IT issues so we brought in a third-party IT service to handle these things for us,” says Betty, “but over time, as we grew, we simply outgrew them and needed to look for a larger, more diverse IT company that could handle our growing needs.”

The Solution

Betty asked DynaSis to perform a complimentary IT Assessment, the results of which revealed that MAAC’s desire to move to the cloud, while staying within a tight non-profit organization budget, was attainable. DynaSis immediately implemented its Managed IT Services full service support plan, and then laid out a plan to upgrade MAAC’s IT network over a 15-month period. The first upgrade came when MAAC’s email was migrated to Office 365. Along the way, file data was moved to DynaSis Blue, a cloud file share platform, and the overall server footprint was reduced. DynaSis also coordinated with Internet and cabling providers as they executed a smooth transition when MAAC relocated to a larger suite of offices. Upgrades came with this move in the form additional Wi-Fi access points, new firewall, switches, and printers.

DynaSis also assigned a personal Technical Account Manager to work with MAAC. The vCIO now meets quarterly with Betty and her team to discuss any issues that may arise as well as to plan for the future.

The Result

According to Betty, “DynaSis’s service is support centric and has gotten us to where we need to be, on budget with a much more stable system.” Importantly, DynaSis has taken the IT load off of Betty’s shoulders. “We have far fewer IT issues these days and for those that we do have, their centralized system takes care of 95% of the issues I used to deal with.”

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