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Case Study: Aegis Power Systems

The Challenge

Aegis was desperately in need of an upgrade to their computers and server. They were using computers with outdated operating systems and they badly needed an update. They also needed to migrate their legacy applications and software to the new systems.

In the past, Aegis had always taken care of their IT in-house. However, setting up a new server, firewall, and workstations proved to be too much to handle.

If that weren’t enough, Aegis also needed to handle a new cybersecurity compliance regulation that they were unfamiliar with (NIST 800-171). With over 100 different – and necessary – security controls to implement, Aegis decided that they needed some help with managing it all.

Challenges faced:

  • Outdated IT infrastructure
  • Lack of time to manage new changes
  • Unfamiliar and complex cybersecurity compliance regulations

The Solution

The DynaSis team began their consultation by understanding the scope and problems that Aegis faced. They developed a detailed plan that covered every aspect that needed to be addressed. Once the plan was approved by Aegis, the DynaSis team performed all the necessary upgrades over the weekend in just three days.

DynaSis also helped Aegis establish a comprehensive backup strategy, while also conducting cybersecurity training for Aegis employees to maintain compliance.

The Results

Aegis now has a more efficient network than ever before. With fiber channel partitioning, the DynaSis team was able to create ultra-fast internet speeds. DynaSis updated the server operating system to Windows Server 2016, and all the workstations to Windows 10. The legacy applications were all ported over seamlessly and without issue.

Aegis is also safe from internet threats. They’re now compliant with the stringent cybersecurity requirement and their customers are happier than ever.

Implemented solutions:

  • Updated IT infrastructure
  • Improved internet speeds
  • Partitioned fiber channels
  • Bolstered security systems

The Client Experience

Aegis couldn’t be happier with the work that DynaSis completed. They’re now up and running efficiently, and have been operating with minimal issues since the upgrade happened. DynaSis continues to handle the few remaining help desk tickets quickly, without slowing down operations.

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