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Brayson Homes Transitions to ITility by DynaSis for Cost Savings and On-the-Go Flexibility

When the housing market took a tumble, it wiped many construction companies off the map. Determined to be a survivor rather than a casualty, Brayson Homes turned to DynaSis for help downsizing its IT needs and budget while remaining customer-focused and competitive.

DynaSis recommended its cloud-computing solution, ITility by DynaSis, as the best means for Brayson Homes to minimize IT costs and increase operating agility. Brayson Homes said yes, and now the company reports it is stronger than ever.

"DynaSis provides what we need at a reasonable, affordable rate," says Brayson Homes Office Manager Kim DeLong. "We’re still getting the same excellent service, even though we don't require the level of support we used to."

At the Office to in the Cloud
Brayson Homes has been a DynaSis customer since 2002, when the DynaSis team set up a peer-to-peer network for the expanding company. DynaSis grew with Brayson Homes, transitioning them to a networked client-server environment during the heyday of the housing boom. When the housing market collapsed quickly, DynaSis was ready to help Brayson Homes sidestep the fallout.

With ITility by DynaSis, Brayson Homes' data and applications are hosted at DynaSis's world-class data center, enabling the firm to eliminate the expense and hassle of maintaining and upgrading on-premise servers. Employees access company data and applications through a dedicated Internet-based portal, anytime and anywhere, which enables Brayson Homes to save even more money through workshifting.

"ITility by DynaSis gives us the flexibility to access work wherever we are, so we can succeed with fewer employees," says DeLong. "When I am on vacation, I can access what is happening at the worksite. We have at our fingertips what we need, as we need it, and we can produce an effective outcome for our clients."

Another benefit of ITility by DynaSis is built-in system scalability, which will enable Brayson Homes to ramp up its server capacity almost instantaneously when the economic forecast improves. "We will grow again and need more of their support," says DeLong, who is confident that when that time comes, DynaSis will be eager to assist them. "DynaSis has always been willing to listen and work towards a solution," she says. "No matter what the stage or size of our business, they have been flexible and able to provide what we needed at the time. They were efficient and effective when we were small, then got large, then went back to being a small firm."

DeLong  says DynaSis's dedication is more than an attitude—it's a mission. "They really care and want to provide services not only for today but for tomorrow," she says. "They are very proactive in reaching beyond the current boundaries to see what people and businesses are going to need—and be—in the future."

For the present, DeLong couldn't be more pleased. "Going from standalone computers to accessing our information anywhere, at the click of a button, has added tremendous value," says DeLong. "The system helps us to be more productive and efficient, providing savings for the company. I definitely would recommend ITility by DynaSis to anyone."

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