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Working From Anywhere

91% of Americans use a cellphone regularly. Though that is a huge percentage, it might not come as a surprise.

More importantly, how do the other 9% not use cellphones?

If you asked someone 50 years ago whether they would need to take their telephone everywhere they went, some might have said yes, others would have shrugged apathetically. Today, most people get distraught over leaving their cell phones at home for even a short period of time.

Computer technologies are experiencing the same evolution as cellphones. An entire work environment, your files, applications, and desktop no longer needs to be tethered to an office space. Instead, work can travel wherever you go. If your kids get sick, you can take care of them at home and still be productive. While you might enjoy leaving your work in the office, there is much more freedom in having the ability to work from anywhere, anytime.

Mobile Solutions

Mobile solutions come in many flavors. There is application hosting, server hosting, and hot desking. Some people only need access to one application, while others might need access to dozens.

Application hosting is simple. You take the program that is on your computer and you install it onto a server in a cloud datacenter. After the data is migrated, the application can be accessed on any device at anytime. So if your accountant or CPA is traveling, they can still access Quickbooks and run payroll.

Application hosting is for very specific needs, but maybe your needs are a little more complex. Beyond a single application you need e-mail, calendars, and communication services to be accessible anywhere. DynaSis offers MS Exchange hosting within their world class data centers so you can ensure high speeds and 99.999% uptime. For document sharing there is Sharepoint hosting, but if you want to have complete flexibility you need a hot desking solution.

Hot Desking

Hot desking opens up the entire desktop environment so that employees can sign onto their “computer” anywhere using a secure, encrypted connection. ITility by DynaSis by DynaSis provides the entire range of mobile solutions and cloud management. Hot desking gives you flexibility, increased security and reduces your need for office space and IT management.

You may not be remotely working yet but the advantages are hard to turn down. Through hot desking, you save money with less personnel managing IT and less office space required because of reduced hardware. Employees can tap into the infrastructure anywhere, anytime, and on any device and become more productive than ever before. In 20 years, you will be left wondering, “Who still needs an office to do work?”

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