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When Will We Be Digitally Connected?

By the DynaSis Team

Earlier this month, an article by Business Insider revealed its predictions for how technology will change the world by 2025. Among discussions of solar panels, electric cars and better cancer treatments was one that sounds obvious―yet surprisingly challenging: “Everything will be digitally connected.”

The article’s author predicts that wireless communications will be a central component of our daily lives by then, with cars, homes and appliances (in addition to businesses and industrial operations) connected around the world, in every location. To power this hyper-connectivity, new technologies will store energy and serve as electrodes.

We’re not sure if that much connection is a good thing or a bad one. It will certainly increase collaboration and information sharing, but it will also generate even greater security risks. These challenges are already considerable, now, and we’re not sure they will be fully ironed out in the next decade. (Think about it―2025 sounds like a long way off, but it is barely 10 years away.)

So, we ask ourselves, how will the ever-present challenge of persistent connection with tight security be overcome when everything and everyone is connected? And to whom will everyone be connected? To each other? To some central authority? Or will it simply involve an expansion of the connectivity many of us enjoy now, but everyone will have access? The security-aware among us ask, “Will it make cyber-attacks easier to perpetrate, or to thwart?”

These are questions for the futurists to ponder, because IT folks on the ground are busy helping companies and individuals enjoy safe, productive connection, right now. At DynaSis, we work with clients every day who are challenged to give workers sufficient access to corporate resources without making those same resources vulnerable to outside attack. It’s the great conundrum of our era, and we don’t see it being resolved, anytime soon.

Fortunately, companies can already access very real, robust and affordable solutions that provide them with what we consider to be the “trifecta” of corporate IT functionality: availability, security and mobility. These solutions are simple to deploy, inexpensive to acquire and easy to learn and use.

They run the gamut from secure, cloud-hosted application and data storage to robust, end-to-end maintenance, security and problem resolution for on-premise infrastructure. We’re very familiar with every aspect of these technologies, because DynaSis has been at the forefront of developing them for more than 20 years. If you’d like to sit down with one of our technical experts to discuss how these solutions work and learn what they can do for your firm, fill out our inquiry form or give us a call at 678.218.1769.

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