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VoIP Business Telephones Provide Great Marketing Opportunities

Current VoIP systems offer a lot. They speed up communications; they reduce downtime; they are easily scalable; they reduce costs. But we find that not everyone uses all the features these modern systems provide. Unlike older telephone systems, there are a number of built-in, easy-to-use features, so neglecting to use them is, simply put, a mistake. One of these is music/message on hold. Proper use of this feature can be a big determining factor in whether your prospect/customer hangs on during a long hold, or hangs up and calls the next company on his list.Fonality Phones 1024x512 1

But there is more to it than that: you are given the opportunity to do several things. First, put the caller in a good mood by using the right upbeat music. Second, make a generic pitch as to why your company is a leader in your field. Next, promote specific products or services being offered, especially sales and promotions. Finally, tips (including tech tips) on best ways to use your products.

Whether the message is attempting to influence a purchase, or just entertain the person on hold, your primary end result is to keep them on the line.

Let’s talk about music.

Yes, everyone’s taste is different but common sense will lead you to the right decision. If you are dealing with a younger audience, you probably don’t want Tony Bennett (if you don’t know who Tony Bennett is, then you are part of that audience, yourself!) If your customers are baby boomers, then The Weeknd is likely a poor choice (no, that’s not a typo.) In general, keep it middle of the road, current, and uplifting. You are not trying to make a social point, be politically incorrect, or be cool. One other point: if your callers tend to call in frequently, and if they are generally put on hold, consider changing your music regularly. (You can upload multiple tracks and set schedules.)

Sales & Marketing

As long as you make the message entertaining, why not use this time to promote your company and/or a specific product or service. If you run radio or TV ads, pick up where they left off. Just try and make the message a little different so you aren’t faced with a subconscious: I’ve heard this already…I’m just going to tune out.

Your VoIP system probably has the ability to store multiple messages that can be scheduled, (like the music) to keep it interesting. Another trick is to string multiple messages together, then set them on a loop so that people are likely to hear different messages each time they call. And remember, a little humor is a good thing.

If you have interesting statistics that either highlight the benefits of your products/services, or how well your company is performing, you can add these.

You can also set the system to play different on hold messages for different incoming lines. For example, you may not want the same message playing on the Sales line as on the Customer Service line.

Learn More

If you want to learn more about all a VoIP business telephone system can do for your business, download our White Paper: "Your Telephone System as a Business Building Asset"


The point is, as part of your VoIP telephone system, you have an opportunity to enhance your prospect’s/customer’s experience with you, and that is always a good thing. If you think your company may be ready for a telephon system upgrade, give us a call. 678.218.1769

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