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Two Educational Webinars to Start the New Year

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DynaSis, an Atlanta based IT managed service provider and long a leader in IT Education both in the Atlanta area and the nation, is starting the year with two live webinars as part of its ongoing Educational Series for C-Level Executives. On Wednesday, January 18th, in conjunction with its membership in the nationwide Business Tech Talks program, Dave Moorman, Founder and President of DynaSis, will be giving his widely acclaimed talk on Digital Disruption. The webinar begins at 2 PM EST, and you can register at

The second webinar, on Cyber Security 2017, is an updated version of Mr. Moorman’s Cyber Security seminar that was presented to audiences in the Atlanta area last year to rave reviews. This webinar begins at 11 AM on Thursday, February 2nd, at 11 AM EST, and you can also register at

Registrants will receive either the DynaSis White Paper on Digital Disruption: Who Will Be Left Standing?, or the White Paper on Cyber Security 2017.

Digital Disruption: Digital Disruption is a change in the way the whole world, or just an industry, or even a single company does business. Invention of the personal computer, or the Internet, or today’s mobility are examples of global digital disruption, white the effect of Uber on the taxi industry, or Netflix on video rentals are examples of industry wide changes. But Digital Disruption is also a powerful force on a company level, improving product development, time to market, prospect identification and conversion, production and virtually every other aspect of a business, while improving productivity, reducing costs,  minimizing risks and maximizing growth – all triggers for improved profitability. The question is: will digital disruption power you past your competition, or power your competition past you.

Cyber Security: The topic of Cyber Security has been so prevalent for so long, that becoming immune to the warnings you hear through the media is a real danger. If your company hasn’t been hit so far, complacency tends to set in, along with the feeling that the bad guys aren’t interested in me. That is most unfortunate and very dangerous. The reality is that every month, thousands of companies are hit with cyber-attacks for the very first time, and many of those will have their files so locked up, that they will have to pay huge ransoms to continue in business. (We even know of a case where the cyber-criminal involved was so inept that even when the company agreed to pay the ransom, the criminal couldn’t figure out how to unlock their files and just walked away, leaving the company in dire straits.)

At DynaSis, we’ve been through the “wars” and we welcome the opportunity to share what we have learned with you. Please register today at

DynaSis has been providing IT service to Atlanta’s small to mid-sized business community since 1992. We are now in our 25th year. Dave Moorman has been instrumental in the development of cyber security techniques that have been adopted across the nation and continues to work with other nationally renowned IT professionals on a regular basis to keep the DynaSis IT support team always ahead of the “bad guys”. Dave can be reached at (770) 569-4600.

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