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The New Normal, Doing More With Less

by David Moorman, President

 Image Name Dear Business Professionals,

Economic reality has undergone a fundamental shift over the course of the past 12 months. After years of economic expansion fueled by unrealistic rates of consumption and unsustainable levels of private debt, the global economy has reset at a lower baseline level of activity. Today, people borrow less, save more, and spend with much greater caution.

This is the “new normal” and it will be with us for some time to come. The issue now is how to respond. I believe the new normal requires a new kind of efficiency built on technology innovations that enable businesses and organizations to simultaneously drive cost savings, improve productivity, and speed innovation.

The New Efficiency: With Less, Do More
In the new normal, one thing is clear: cutting costs is extremely important. But cost cutting by itself is not a long-term winning strategy. To build a sustainable competitive advantage, companies must ultimately do two things- increase productivity and find ways to deliver new value to customers. The issue, then, is how can businesses take costs out of their operations, increase productivity, and expand their capacity for innovation all at the same time?

At DynaSis, we react to the new normal with a solution called “ITility by DynaSis”. ITility by DynaSis is Software as a Service (SaaS), and delivers all your IT over the Internet, providing your email, applications, and files from one central location to your employee desktops. ITility by DynaSis achieves new efficiency with less by:

• Cutting Expenses: Instead of investing in hardware, software and regular maintenance for your computer network, ITility by DynaSis delivers everything to you for one monthly price for predictable spending and decreased total cost of ownership.
• Increasing Productivity: ITility by DynaSis is built on the state-of-the-art equipment that adheres to best practice standards to minimize unplanned outages and downtime. With ITility by DynaSis workers simply use any device to connect to the Internet to retrieve files and work just as they do at the office, increasing productivity.
• Expanding Innovation: With daily IT maintenance tasks covered on your ITility by DynaSis plan, you are free to focus on your businesses core strengths and explore advanced technologies that deliver new value to your clients.

Ideal Conditions for an Era of Innovation and Growth

Despite the challenges posed by the global economic reset, I’m optimistic about the long-term opportunities that lie ahead. Achieving the benefits of the New Efficiency is possible with ITility by DynaSis TODAY. This powerful combination of greater productivity and improved capacity for innovation is how IT enables businesses to do more.

I believe we are entering a period of technology-driven transformation that will see a surge in productivity and a flowering of innovation. The result will be a wave of innovative products and services that will jumpstart economic growth as companies deliver breakthroughs that solve old problems and serve as the catalyst for new businesses and even new industries. Information technology will play an important role. I look forward to seeing the progress that results.

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