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Shifting the Onus of Managed Support

By Chas Arnold

 Image Name By offering our fully hosted cloud based service ITility by DynaSis, we have shifted the way managed services costs are charged. In the old days of break-fix, managed service providers were paid based on how much support you used, so it wasn’t in their best interest to make recommendations to get your network operating efficiently. Clients were allowed to creep along using outdated equipment and software that resulted in additional fees for support. Today the cloud based network model changes all of that. Now, DynaSis offers the major network equipment to keep you up and running, getting you out of the datacenter business. There is no longer a need to upgrade equipment or standard Microsoft software. Unlimited support is included as a part of the monthly charge, so it is in our best interest to keep ticket volume down. The benefit to you being a fully optimized network infrastructure with limited support issues.

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