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Saving with Unified Communications for the Small Business

by Chas Arnold, Partner and Executive Vice President

Chas Arnold

The promise of simple, reliable, and feature-rich unified communications phone systems has been made for what seems like decades. The fact is, big companies with big IT departments and big budgets have seen some of these promises fulfilled. But, for the vast majority of businesses, advanced business communications have always been out of reach. Until now.

Every business needs an affordable communications solution that provides a competitive edge. Now, the solution is in reach for small and midsize businesses, and even better, can help your business save on costs and increase productivity.

The latest VoIP systems start at only $300 for unlimited users and extensions, and allow you to use existing phones and headsets in combination with advanced features in a software based solution. Some platforms even provide a hosted solution, so no servers are needed on site, meaning no new hardware purchases.

Easy to Use
The lastest unified communications systems are working with the small business in mind keeping the system easy to deploy, use, and manage. You can easily administer your system without the need for expensive IT specialists and third-party consultants. Plus, with integrated desktop interfaces for users, calls are easily transferred or sent to voicemail, while advanced features like chat or click to email allow employees to connect the first time.

Advanced communications companies understand that the SMB cannot experience downtime. For this reason, the systems now include around the clock monitoring so you can enjoy worry-free reliability 24/7. When you can count on your phone system, your customers can count on you.

Work from Anywhere
With unified communication, employees can take home a desk phone, use a softphone on their laptop, or forward calls to a mobile phone. What’s more, branch offices can be linked so that satellite offices are treated a one. And, with personal desktop interfaces, employees will be able to interact as if they’re just a cubical away.

Unified communications system lets employees get access to the right people, forward calls to cell phones, provide savings for telecommuters, increase revenues, and respond quickly to calls from customers that are likely to call someone else. It improves productivity and is able to give employees a better work-life balance, all at an affordable price.

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