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Save on Taxes Using the Cloud

by Chas Arnold, Partner and Executive Vice President

Chas ArnoldIt’s almost that time of year again, tax season. I know, I know, not the most enjoyable of topics. So why not make it more enjoyable by saving more money on taxes next year? Many businesses I have worked with have done just that using ITility by DynaSis cloud services. Using the cloud, I have seen clients transform capital expenses into operating expenses, giving them more deductions and increased tax savings at the end of year. They transform their capital expenses by no longer purchasing hardware and software updates. With ITility by DynaSis, those costs go away and instead clients pay a fixed monthly fee or an operational cost. ITility by DynaSis also makes budgeting predictable because there are no added fees or surprises. So make tax season less painful next year, transform capital IT expenses into operating expenses using the cloud.

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