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Progressing to the Cloud

by David Moorman, President

David MoormanAs we have developed our cloud computing system ITility by DynaSis over the last five years, I have run into those that are just not ready to make the jump to the cloud. It may be hard to get your mind around at first. Centrally storing all your data offsite and letting someone else manage it is not the norm in today’s business culture. To explain the idea of cloud computing, I have to offer the example of the electricity company. Before electricity was widespread, individuals would produce their own electricity. When electrical companies came along, they reduced the cost and generated electricity in mass. Similarly, cloud technology providers are changing the way people manage their information technology. Third party providers are able to lower the cost by spreading it over a large base, as well as deliver technology more efficiently than you could if you managed it yourself.
Just as a wave of electrical inventions dramatically changed the world as the 20th century progressed, so can we expect increased innovation going into the 21st century with technologies centering around the cloud.

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